4 Easy DIY Christmas Gifts for Families on a Budget

This is my first Christmas video and I’m so excited. Christmas is my favorite time of year. One thing I thought about this year is inflation, and how everyone has to pay more for groceries. Our wages have not increased but everything else has. That’s why I’m sharing Christmas gifts for families on a budget.

Christmas gifts for families

Instead of buying individual gifts, what you can do is buy a whole family gift, and that’s what today’s video is about — family gifts.

How many times have you heard parents say that their kids lost something they just got for Christmas? These little doodads or surprise eggs that they want so much, they open them, and two days later, where is it? And, honestly, in a year's time, they won’t even remember the gift.

Kids will look back when they are adults and remember a memory more than a gift, and that’s what inspired this video. Every Christmas gift for families on a budget, in this video, is under ten dollars. The gifts are for a whole family. Of course, adjust for whoever you are giving them to. I am just here to give you ideas.

Movie night in a box DIY gift idea

1. Movie night in a box

These popcorn boxes used to be a dollar; they are $1.60 now. Walmart has these on the bottom shelf in the popcorn aisle. I think these are awesome, especially for this because it includes popcorn and a bucket. 

You can also find packs of candy for a dollar at Walmart, in the checkout section, like these Sour Patch Kids and Sweet Tart Ropes. From the Christmas section, I found candy canes with candy inside.

Where to buy cheap DVDs

Walmart has DVDs for cheap, but Dollar Tree has actual movies that you have heard of for $1.25. Now of course this little gift is going to a family with older kids, and they can watch this movie, which is really funny, but of course, buy appropriate DVDs for the families you are gifting to. 

Put everything in a box

All you are going to do is put everything in the box and pack it up. How cute! You have created a memory for a family for $7.05. And this is a good gift. It comes with a movie snack and a movie. How fantastic is that?

Baking family gift for Christmas

2. Baking cookies for Santa

The next Christmas gift for families on a budget is a cooking and baking set. Every year, I and my kids bake cookies for Santa. And it is something they‘re probably going to remember forever. I have a Dollar Tree mixing bowl, mixing spoon, and oven mitts with a holiday theme. 

Now, get whatever cookie mix you want. Mine was $1.98 at Walmart and comes with everything you need to make cookies (except the oil and eggs). 

Baking activity in a box

And there you go. You have just created a memory for a family and a gift that only cost $5.73. If someone gave me this for Christmas, I would love it. It is a memory you can create for a family. Memories are the best gift.

Family game night snacks

3. Family game night

You always need a good snack. At the check-out, Walmart has Rip Rolls and Jolly Ranchers for 74 cents apiece. And of course, it’s one dollar for the candy canes with Reese's Pieces inside. 

Right now, Walmart has games for six dollars on Black Friday sale, but you can also find these at Dollar General or Five Below for even cheaper than six dollars. I chose Candyland.

Gift bag from Walmart

This gift won’t go in a specific container. I am going to put it in a bag. Walmart has gift bags for 98 cents, which is even cheaper than Dollar Tree. I’m going to put a note on the bag that says, “family game night,” so they know what I’m doing. And, there you have it. Family game night in a bag for $9.56. You just created another memory for a family.

Family craft night gift

4. Family craft night

I saved my favorite Christmas gift for families on a budget for last. This is family craft night. Good craft nights always need good snacks, so I got Fiddle Faddle popcorn and Sour Straws. I got this little art caddy from Dollar Tree. It is good for putting paints, brushes, and things like that, in it. 

Craft kits from Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree has little craft kits for $1.25. They have so many styles to choose from. I chose these cute little finger puppets.

Create-your-own ornaments

I am buying these create-your-own ornaments, which are $1.25 each, along with this little paint and brush pack for $1.25. 

Christmas gifts for family on a budget

This is another memory you can make for a family – creating your own yearly Christmas ornaments and little finger puppets. You can get whatever crafts you want. There were a lot more to choose from. This craft night was $8.75. 

Christmas gifts for family on a budget

I know this is a quick video, but I just really wanted to show you guys some budget-friendly ideas for Christmas. This is just me getting started. All these family gifts are less than ten dollars and I would be so happy if someone gave this to my family for Christmas.

Everybody can understand that inflation is kind of crazy right now. If people are upset about a gift you give, they don’t deserve it. Of course, adjust these to whoever you are giving them to; I'm just giving you ideas.

To make sure these are kid approved, I’m going to ask my three boys which is their favorite. My youngest son reported that he would be happy to get these gifts for Christmas, and that the family game night is his favorite. My middle son also said these gifts would make him happy, and that family game night is his favorite. My oldest son prefers the family movie night Christmas gift for families on a budget idea.

DIY Christmas gift ideas on a budget

So, you heard it, folks, The kids think these are great. I hope this helps inspire you this Christmas season. I’m so excited to share my budget-friendly Christmas ideas with you guys. Which gift idea was your favorite? Drop a comment and let us know.

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  • Tina Tina on Dec 23, 2023

    LOVE these ideas! We all have enough 'stuff', but most of us lack (and miss) spending a relaxing evening of quality time with our families. These are the perfect solution.

  • Carole Carole on Dec 25, 2023

    Well done! Kudos