Simple Christmas: Everything You Need to Simplify the Holidays

Today I’m sharing an awesome collection of posts to give you everything you’ll need to simplify the holidays. I’m gathering everything in one place to make it easy to create a simple Christmas this year.

This collection of posts starts with big-picture strategies you can use to keep your Christmas season as simple as possible. How to create simple, but meaningful traditions your whole family will enjoy. Great tips to help you create a simple holiday season. Impactful ways you can declutter and simplify before the holidays to make the season easier and more enjoyable. And how to survive and thrive during the holidays as a Highly Sensitive Person.

Then touches on how to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the influx of gifts during the holidays. And even gives you a collection of gift guides for adults and kids, as well as intentional gift ideas and minimalist gift ideas to help you find clutter-free and meaningful gift ideas for everyone on your list!

I’ve gathered up all these posts in one place so you can find them in one complete guide. Making it easy to simplify the holidays and create a simpler Christmas. Go into this holiday season with a plan, inspiration and motivation to keep things simple!

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The benefits of a simple Christmas

The holiday season can quickly become busy and stressful. We often start out with intentions to create a magical Christmas and holiday season for ourselves and our families. But these intentions often lead us to take on too much. Leaving us feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, stressed and even resentful.

The holiday season should be a time full of fun, not stress, and connection, not resentment. The best way I’ve found to take the stress, busyness and overwhelm out of the holidays is to simplify!

Eliminating the nonessentials gives us more time, space, energy and focus for the things that matter most to us. Once again, intentionally choosing less (stuff, commitments, to-dos, etc.) gives you the opportunity to choose more (fun, connection, love, etc.).

Let’s dive in!

Create a simpler holiday season

The holiday season is a time we expect to be full of magic, giving and wonder. But for many of us, the holidays can quickly become stressful and overwhelming as one of the busiest, most expensive and most draining times of the year.

Between the gifts, the buying, the overspending, the never-ending to-do list, the parties, the baking, the busyness, etc. it can take the fun and meaning right out of the holidays.

The holidays begin feeling like an obligation and a chore, something we “have to do”. Instead of a special time of the year spent with the people we love most.

How to Simplify the Holidays: Stress Less, Enjoy More

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In this post, I share six ways to simplify the holidays and live intentionally during the holiday hustle. These six “big picture” tips give you practical ways to take the chaos, stress and craziness out of the holidays as a whole. Helping you create a simple, meaningful, heart-filled holiday season you and your family can enjoy together.

Click HERE to read the full post. Take a big-picture approach to create a simple Christmas and holiday season this year.

How to Have a Simpler Christmas: 9 Ways to Keep Christmas Simple

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Another great post focusing on “big picture” ways you can simplify the holidays as a whole. You’ll find 9 practical things you can do to have a simpler Christmas. All so the holiday season won’t leave you feeling broke, exhausted, stressed and waiting for it all to be over.

Instead, this post teaches you how to make a few shifts and changes to how you approach the holiday season so you enjoy the holidays a lot more.

Sometimes it’s simply a matter of assessing what is adding the most stress to the holidays for you. Then finding ways to reduce or eliminate some of that stress and cultivating a simpler Christmas instead.

Click HERE to read the full post and learn how to keep the holiday season simple.

20 Simple Christmas Traditions to Start for a Fun & Meaningful Holiday Season

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In this post, you’ll find a great list of 20 simple Christmas traditions to start to create a fun, meaningful and memorable holiday season for you and your family.

You’ll find fun ideas of simple ways you can create traditions you can enjoy with the people you love. And create fun memories you can look back on fondly for years to come.

Traditions are fun, but not when they add stress, require a lot of planning, prep and work or feel exhausting. Or require a bunch of “stuff”, create clutter or put any financial strain on your family.

Instead, this post focuses on Christmas traditions that are simple, fun, and meaningful ways you can make memories during the holidays.

Click HERE to read the full post and get inspired to start some fun, but simple, holiday traditions this year!

The Best Places to Declutter Before Christmas to Make the Holidays Easier

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Taking some time to declutter before the holidays is a great way to make the season easier and less stressful.

It may not be the time to do a full house declutter, but focusing on some key areas is a great way to clear the clutter and make the season easier.

You can read more about the best places to declutter before Christmas HERE. And also check out this post with 11 awesome ways to simplify before the holidays HERE!

How to Survive (and enjoy!) the Holidays as a Highly Sensitive Person

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And finally, if you’re a Highly Sensitive Person ( like me!), the holidays can often end up feeling a little (or a lot) overwhelming.

But there are things you can do to not only survive but enjoy the holidays. The strategies in this post are particularly helpful for Highly Sensitive People, but are also great for anyone looking to feel a little less overwhelmed, stressed or frazzled during the holidays!

Click HERE to read more about how you can take care of yourself and enjoy the holiday season more as a Highly Sensitive Person.

Creating a simple Christmas by simplifying gifts & gift-giving

Gifts seem to be one of the biggest sources of stress for many people during the holiday season. Not only buying them but also receiving them.

To help, I have a collection of posts to help you simplify and navigate the biggest gift-giving season of the year.

How to Easily Handle Gifts as a Minimalist Family

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First, learn how to best handle gifts when you’re working toward simplifying and decluttering your home.

It’s easy to feel a little anxious about the influx of gifts you know are coming. Especially if you have kids! You’re working hard to clear the clutter and embrace a life with less. The last thing you want is to have all your hard work undone in a few hours on Christmas morning.

But there are easy ways to navigate holiday gifts as a minimalist family.

In this post, you’ll learn 5 simple strategies you can use to avoid feeling overwhelmed by gifts during the holidays.

Click HERE to read the full post and learn how to handle gifts with ease this holiday season!

Holiday gifts guides for a simpler Christmas

Next, I have a collection of gift guides to help you simplify the process of buying gifts. As well as give you ideas of things to ask for from those who ask, which won’t end up adding clutter to your home as well.

The gift guides focus on gift ideas for kids and adults specifically. As well as a list of intentional gift ideas and minimalist gift ideas too!

If you tend to draw a blank anytime you try to think of a great gift idea that won’t end up as clutter. Or draw a blank when someone asks you what’s on your wish list, these posts will help!

40 Awesome Clutter-Free Gift Ideas for Kids

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Clutter-Free Gift Ideas for a Simple Holiday Season

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Intentional Gifts to Simplify Gift Giving

Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

7 Minimalist Gift Ideas to Simplify Gift-Giving

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As you read through these posts about simplifying the holidays and creating a simple Christmas, you will probably notice a common theme: gratitude.

Choosing to have a grateful mindset is one of the most significant changes you can make during your holiday season.

Making it a point to find things to be grateful for will shift your mindset from not enough to abundance. Keep your eyes and your heart open to notice all that you have to be grateful for over the holidays (and all year!). It’s amazing when you look for the good, how much good you will find.

You can read more about the power of gratitude when pursuing a simplified, minimalist lifestyle here. And if you want to learn more about how to make focusing on gratitude part of your daily life, check out this post to start and maintain your own gratitude practice.

What are your favourite tips to simplify the holidays?

Now that I’ve shared all my favourite tips to keep the holidays simple and stress-free, I’d love to hear from you! What are your favourites tips and tricks to simplify the holidays and create a simple Christmas? Is there anything you do (or don’t do!) to take some of the stress, busyness and chaos out of the holidays?

Or is there something that you’re ready to work on to simplify the holidays this year? I’d love to hear more about it. Leave a comment below and let me know!

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