13 Unbelievable Pottery Barn Dupes You Can Find at Walmart

You can get Pottery Barn style on a Walmart budget! I’m going to show you 12 Pottery Barn dupes that I found at Walmart. Some of these dupes look exactly the same.

Tanner side table

1. Tanner side table

Here’s a cute but classic metal and glass side table from Pottery Barn, but with a classic Pottery Barn price of $399. The Pottery Barn dupe I found at Walmart for only $128.99. I found a similar look on Wayfair’s site for only $77. I can’t believe how much these all look alike. 

Pottery Barn furniture dupes

2. Erin dining room chair

This rustic mahogany chair from Pottery Barn costs $349–for one chair! The Walmart dupe from their Better Homes and Garden line is only $99 for two chairs, which is about $50 for one chair. They look so similar.

Pottery Barn on a Walmart budget

3. Classic Windsor chair

This classic Pottery Barn look is $249 for one chair and $498 for two chairs. The Walmart version of this chair is only $99 for two chairs. Again, that’s only $50 a chair.

Glass lamp dupe

4. Glass lamp

When I saw this Pottery Barn recycled glass lamp, I fell in love with it until I saw the price of $129.99. But Walmart’s Better Homes and Gardens line has a dupe that costs $39.99. 

Ceramic lamp dupe

5. Ceramic lamp

This beautiful ceramic lamp at Pottery Barn costs $398.99. I found a dupe on Amazon. You get a pair of these lamps for only $99, so it’s about $50 per lamp. They look almost identical to the Pottery Barn lamp.

Utility baskets

6. Utility baskets

Square utility baskets go on sale at Pottery Barn for $ 39.99 to $44.99. They are so cute and they look great on a kitchen counter. Here’s an $11 version from Walmart, which is the exact same size as Pottery Barn.

Walmart vs Pottery Barn bedding

7. Bedding

These two sets look identical. This Pottery Barns Diamond Quilt Bedding set costs between $299.99 to $349.You can buy almost the exact same thing from Walmart.com for only $54.98.

Ceramic pitcher from Pottery Barn vs Walmart

8. Ceramic pitcher

This gorgeous farmhouse-style ceramic pitcher comes from Nordstrom, not Pottery Barn. It costs $185. I found a Walmart dupe for $14.88.

Pottery Barn vs Walmart

9. Blankets

You can get one of these cute pom-pom-edged fuzzy blankets for $49 at Pottery Barn or a dupe at Walmart for half the price at $20.99. I know you’re wondering if the Pottery Barn blanket is bigger than the Walmart one. Nope. They are the exact same size. 

Cement planters

10. Cement planters

I got these gorgeous cement planters at Pottery Barn. The 12-inch high one is $69. Or, you can get a two-pack of these 12-inch planters at Walmart.com for $33, which is $16 each.

Stoneware sets

11. Stoneware

I love this 16-piece stoneware set at Pottery Barn. I don’t love the price, though. The set is $136. I found an almost identical set at Walmart.com for $42.92. 

Basket price comparison

12. Baskets

I’m a sucker for cute woven baskets. Here are some handsome ones at Pottery Barn. For a pack of two, you’ll pay $359! I was so excited to find almost the same ones at Walmart.com for only $41 for two of them, which is only about $20 each and they are about the same size.

The Pottery Barn baskets are 19 inches high and the Walmart.com baskets are 15 inches high.

Pendant Pottery Barn dupe

Pottery Barn dupes

13. Pendant

This popular pendant light is $199 up to $249 depending on the size. I found two dupes at Walmart.com. One dupe is $60. Another slightly different look, which is an outdoor light, is $47.99.

Pottery Barn dupes

Let me know which versions you liked the best–the Pottery Barn furniture or Walmart dupes. Have you spotted any Pottery Barn furniture dupes at lower costs? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Ferrerr Ferrerr on Jan 03, 2023

    I like the Walmart brands way better. I can’t believe people will actually pay that much just for a name brand. Many of the items were identical.

  • Jenny Jenny on Jan 15, 2023

    I want! I want! I want! BUT…….I live in England ☹️😣😩😢😢😢😢😢