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Welcome back to Once Upon a Tiny Farm. In today’s video, I want to tell you guys how you can start your own garden for extremely cheap. If you’re on a cheap budget, you can pick up Dollar Tree gardening tools. You can get everything you need for your own garden for a very affordable price.

*Prices as of February 2023

Planning a herb garden

Last week, I went to Dollar Tree with my wife and I saw they had their whole display of seeds out, and other gardening tools too. All the seeds were 25 cents each — four for a dollar.

I am planning to create my own herb garden using Dollar Tree stackable pots, which I actually set up last year, but didn’t grow anything in.

This year, I’m planning to grow all my herbs in the stackable pots I got from Dollar Tree. The stackable pots cost $1.25 for three pots. They are tiered pots and I have two towers, each stacked 12 high, so each of these stackable planters has 36 spots to plant in. I’ll have 72 pots for herbs.

Dollar Tree herbs

Here are some of the herbs that I got for 25 cents from Dollar Tree. I got sage, oregano, chives (I’ve never grown chives), parsley, dill, and thyme. 

So, just right there, if you wanted to create your own herb garden for a really, really cheap price, this is $1.50 worth of herbs. There are plenty of seeds in each of these – more than you’ll probably need if you wanted to start a small herb garden.

The only thing that’s going to be expensive is the soil. I didn’t think Dollar Tree sold soil, but you can find soil at your local box store. That’s a really good way to get a herb garden for a very cheap price.

Dollar Tree seeds and bulbs

Dollar Tree seeds and bulbs

I also got more than just those herbs. I got flowers. I got a whole bunch of zinnias. I’ve got different varieties of zinnias – giant cactus mixed, semi-dwarf, and giants of California mixed. I love zinnias; I think they’re really pretty.

Dollar Tree seeds for bell peppers

I also got some mixed bell peppers and more cucumbers. I got a national pickling cucumber — I love a good pickling cucumber — and I got a regular beef steak tomato. I’m going to grow these to sell at my farmer's market.

I got a little spinach. Actually, the spinach is a hybrid variety. This is an open-pollinated one, so I might just grow these to save the seeds so I could have a ton more spinach seeds next year.

Dollar Tree flower seed packets

I got all of these flowers, vegetables, and herbs. I spent $14 on all this stuff. But, that’s not it. I got some bulbs that I probably should put out to plant right now. I got a bunch of different gladiolus in different colors. I got some ranunculus.

I think all of these bulbs packages (there are three in each) were like $1.25 or something like that. I got freesia and anemone. I wanted to have a pretty flower garden and these are all going to go over there in the flower garden.

Dollar Tree stackable planters

Dollar Tree stackable planters

Here are the Dollar Tree stackable planters that I was just talking about. 

How to build Dollar Tree stackable planters

See each tier has three pots in it.

This one I believe is 12 high and I have two of these. I gave some of these to my neighbors and parents. I wanted to do a whole bunch of herbs in these. 

Something I found among Dollar Tree’s gardening supplies is that they have different-sized stackable planters. They have a smaller one that is a bit more narrow. I’m not sure what you would use that mini stackable planter for, but I really like the bigger ones. I’m going to put them to good use this year. I’m hoping they stand up to the weather. 

I actually went to a bunch of different Dollar Trees looking for these bins in the store. I always have a hard time finding these stackable planters. I had to buy these online at Dollar Tree’s website.

When you buy online, they make you buy, I think, 36 of them, in order to ship them, which came out to 40-some dollars. I still think it’s a really good price. It’s like a cheaper GreenStalk. The GreenStalk is a good quality stackable bin but costs way more money to set up something that’s 12-high. 

The total cost

It’s like $14 or $15 dollars for 12-tier high vertical garden bins here. Seeds cost $1.50 just to get a couple of herbs. That’s really cheap. Including the soil, it’s about 30 bucks to start a herb garden.

It’s a really good deal and an easy way to get into gardening. Especially if you don’t have a lot of space; These tiered planters only require vertical space. If you lived in an apartment, you could put these on your balcony and have herbs to harvest all summer long. That would be really cool. 

Dollar Tree gardening tools

It’s still early in gardening seasoning, but now is the time to plan. If you’re on a budget you can check out Dollar Tree’s gardening supplies and create yourself a beautiful garden.

What do you plan to plant this season? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Willow Willow on Apr 18, 2023

    Dollar tree does have soil but in this case you get what you pay for. Wish I had bought a single bag to check instead of 6. It essentially turns to mud when you add any water, no perlite in it nor nutrients. I was able to use it mixed with some dry starter mix I had bought with my trays but I plan to swap it out to better soil once my seeds I planted in pots are ready to be transplanted.

  • Linda meyers Linda meyers on Apr 24, 2023

    I love Dollar Tree, every year I buy a few be pots, gloves and seeds. I got cucumber seeds, found cherry tomatoes this year. I’m also planting, green onions. Flowers I got, dahlias, day Lilly’s, freesia and zinnias. Can’t wait for them to get popping!