12 Tiny Changes That'll Make a HUGE Difference In Your Home

by Simplify

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, the importance of decluttering and organizing our spaces can be overlooked. Kallie, a renowned decluttering expert at But First, Coffee, has shared her insights on how to reclaim our spaces and infuse some order into our homes. Here are our highlights!

1. Break Free from the "Convenience Illusion"

  • The Trap: Leaving items out for perceived convenience, such as magazines, toiletries, and other daily use items, might seem time-saving but contributes to clutter.
  • The Truth: Even if you save 20 seconds not putting something away, that clutter accumulates and can lead to increased stress and procrastination. A 2010 study revealed that cluttered homes lead to heightened stress throughout the day.
  • Action Step: Weigh the time saved against the mental cost. Is saving a few seconds worth the added stress?

2. Establish Drop Zones

  • What's a Drop Zone? A designated area for everyday items such as keys, phones, shoes, and bags.
  • Benefits: Designated spaces prevent frequently used items from ending up on the floor or random countertops.
  • Pro Tip: Prioritize functionality over aesthetics. Drop zones should be easily accessible, promoting a routine of placing items in their designated spots.

Keep your daily essentials in a singular spot instead of leaving them wherever and creating clutter!

3. Choose Function Over Perfection

  • Reality Check: While Pinterest-perfect organization systems are appealing, practicality is king. Organizational systems should be simple, effective, and easy to maintain.
  • Action Step: It's great to have visually appealing organization, but prioritize systems that you can maintain in the long run.

4. Tackle Excess

  • Common Culprits: Cleaning products, grooming essentials, pantry items.
  • Solution: Be vigilant about not stockpiling unnecessary items. If you've got eight cleaning products but only use three regularly, it's time to declutter.

The kitchen can attract lots of clutter, but it doesn't have to!

5. Be Wary of Empty Spaces

  • Just because there's space, doesn't mean it should be filled. Anticipate new items and always leave room for them.

6. Face Your "Dread Spot"

  • What is it? That one area or drawer you've been avoiding due to sheer overwhelm.
  • Solution: Break the cleaning task into smaller, manageable tasks. Tackle one at a time instead of getting overwhelmed by the entire project.

7. Implement a Laundry Routine

  • Why? Laundry can quickly become a daunting task if not tackled regularly.
  • Kallie's Approach: Keep the system going, whether that's doing laundry daily or setting aside one day a week dedicated to it.

8. Embrace Smart Technology

  • 2023 Tech Tools: From robot vacuums to doorbell cameras, make your home work for you. Kallie swears by her Echo Dot to manage her day-to-day tasks.
  • Benefits: Increases home efficiency and simplifies tasks.

9. Commit to One Task a Day

  • What's the Plan? Each day, tackle one task you've been avoiding. It can be as small as decluttering a drawer or as big as hanging a picture frame.

10. Give Everything a Home

  • Importance: Items without a designated space become clutter.
  • Pro Tip: Be strict about allocating space. If you have a drawer for pens, that's the limit. No new pens until there's room!

Final Notes

Remember, decluttering and organizing aren't about achieving perfection, but about making our homes more functional and reducing daily stresses. Happy organizing!

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