12 Practical, Beautiful & Clever Organizing Solutions For Your Home

Part of organizing is coming up with clever organizing solutions. Besides getting rid of clutter, you want to neatly store the items you have. I use twelve beautiful organizing solutions and I want to share how to find the perfect organizing solution for your organizing style and spaces.

Using a thrifted vessel to store makeup brushes

1. Thrifted vessel

The first beautiful organizing solution is some kind of thrifted vessel. This could be anything from a crock for your cooking utensils to a milk crate I used to hold my daughter's makeup brushes in her old bedroom.

Using a bamboo tray to organize kitchen utensils

2. Bamboo organizers 

I don't know about you, but I love the look of bamboo. It's just such a beautiful material that I use in my own kitchen for drawer organization and for my beautiful tea organizer on my kitchen counter. 

Using baskets as an organizing solution

3. Baskets 

Another example of beautiful organization made of natural materials is to use baskets. My tip for getting baskets at fantastic prices is to check thrift stores and apps like OfferUp, which is where I found most of my baskets. 

Using beautiful file folders to organize paperwork

4. File folders

For those ugly piles of paper, I find that making two organizing systems beautiful is to use beautiful file folders for your incoming mail and a pretty wall bin for your upcoming mail. 

Adding labels to containers

5. Labels

Another way to have beautifully organized spaces is to use cohesive labels. Not only do they streamline the look of your spaces, but they also help make keeping things organized super easy for your entire household.  

Using sticky notes on a scheduling board

6. Sticky notes 

This tip might seem a little strange but if you use sticky notes or Post-It notes and you have them visible, they look like a cluttered mess. One way to make them look less messy is to actually print your Post-It notes for any repeated tasks you may have or any long-term goals.

To see how I use post-its and sticky notes, see my previous post on The Best Ways to Use Scheduling Whiteboards.

Using cable clips to hide cords

7. Cord management

To clean up the cluttered look of your cords and cables you can hide them using tools like cable clips to hide your chargers behind your nightstands. 

Using a magazine file to hide cables

Use a magazine file to hide your surge protector or a surge protector box, which I got in white so that it blends into the wall as much as possible. 

Using a sink caddy to store cleaning products

8. Sink caddy

Now onto the 8th beautiful way to organize your home. For any items, you must leave out, use pretty caddies like a sink organizer. It contains everything you need for dishwashing while still looking sleek. 

Using pretty containers to store laundry products

9. Containers

For other items you leave out, you can use pretty containers as I use for my homemade laundry products. 

You can also repurpose containers like I have, where I repurposed smaller bottles of oil that I purchased at the store and labeled with the Cricut machine. I also repurposed spice jars from spices I purchased and re-labeled them using a regular Brother label maker.

I just refilled the oil bottles from extra large bottles of oil and the spice jars from bag spices I purchased at the store. 

Using stackable baskets to organize toiletries

10. Stackable baskets

Another beautiful way to organize is to use bathroom baskets. They are pretty enough to leave out and they make it super easy to reach in and grab what you need as opposed to using containers with lids.

Using trays to organize items and reduce clutter

11. Trays

Trays can make all the difference in taking your surfaces from looking cluttered to looking beautifully organized. I made a tray for my eyeglasses and jewelry. Another tray contains some of my daughter's makeup in her old bedroom and here it is again in her new bedroom.

My dear friend has a lovely tray in her laundry room to catch change from laundry pockets. 

Practical, beautiful & clever organizing solutions

12. Decorative boxes 

Decorative boxes are an obvious, beautiful organizing solution that we use to contain my daughter's jewelry, our pictures on my coffee table, and art and labeling supplies in my office. 

Practical, beautiful & clever organizing solutions

Organizing your home can be beautiful as well as practical. I hope my 12 organizing solutions gave you ideas for how to keep clutter and chaos at bay while adding to the beauty of your home.

What are your favorite ways to keep your home organized? Share in the comments, we love hearing your ideas!

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  • BonDiva BonDiva on May 04, 2023

    I appreciate your ideas for hiding the cord management ideas. I do not own a cri cut or label maker and have usually just made my own and then used clear Contact paper or clear packing tape over them. I bought some of the black ones you can write on with paint pen from Amazon. I plan to look for the clear cohesive labels and the bathroom baskets you used for the vegetables as well. I have a much smaller apartment now and I am a super organizer how ever I am always looking for ideas to maximize the "footprint" while remaining frugal.