10 Ways to Organize Your Things With Drawer Organizers

As an expert in home and office organizing, I’m excited to teach you how to use drawer organizers.

The purpose of the drawer organizer is to gather smaller items in the drawer in order to allow a single drawer to hold multiple categories of items. But drawer organizers are not just for drawers.

Let’s dive in, and learn everything there is to know about drawer organizers.

1. What not to do

A common mistake when using drawer organizers is thinking that you must have a drawer divider for every section of the drawer.

In truth, drawer organizers just need to be used for the smaller items you want to organize. You can use the open spaces for larger items.

Drawer organizers

2. Use non-slip drawer liners

I like to use non-slip drawer liners to keep everything in place. If you don’t want to use drawer liners, you can also just use tape. Simply stick it to the bottom of the plastic drawer organizer before inserting it into the drawer.

Drawer organizers

3. Label each section

The key to maximizing the organization in the drawer divider is to label each section. You can put the labels on the bottom or sides of each section.

Labeling is especially handy for shared spaces, so that everyone knows where things go.

Drawer organizers

4. Uses for drawer organizers in bathroom cabinets

Drawer organizers can also be useful for bathroom cabinets. I use a long and narrow drawer organizer in my bathroom for toiletries.

These types of organizers are also great for organizing items within kitchen cabinets. You can use them for things like spices.

Drawer organizers

5. Think outside the box

Don’t limit yourself to using a product just for what it’s labeled for. I use kitchen dividers in my office, and refrigerator bins in my cabinets.

Silverware storage trays are great for organizing office supplies, makeup, or craft supplies. Ice trays can be great for organizing small things like jewelry.

Drawer organizers

6. Stacking and utilizing space

You can stack drawer organizers on top of each other. You can also use drawer organizers to organize things in the negative space behind your computer keyboard.

You can use desktop organizers inside drawers if they fit. Desktop organizers can be perfect for containing small individual items within the drawers.

Tidying drawer

7. Preliminary organization steps

Before running out and buying tons of organizers, you will need to do some preliminary steps to figure out exactly what types of organizers you will need.

Clear out the drawer or space you want to organize and sort items by categories. Get rid of any items you don’t need.

Tidying drawer

8. Testing

Now, put all your items away without drawer organizers. If you find that the items don’t stay put when the drawer gets opened and closed, or if your family members aren’t putting things back in the way they belong, you know you need organizers.

Measuring drawer

9. Measure and plan

Measure the space to help figure out how many and what size drawer organizers you will need.

Drawer organizers

10. Chose colors wisely

Light and bright color organizers are great for most spaces. It helps brighten things up in dark areas, making it easier to see. Black organizers are great for dirtier spaces like tool sheds.

Drawer organizers

I hope you all enjoyed learning how to use drawer organizers. Remember, you can use drawer organizers in cabinets and cabinet organizers in drawers, so get creative with your organization.

You’ll also want to do a thorough pre-organization process before running out and buying organizers.

Did you find these tips helpful? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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