8 Simple Life Hacks You Can Do With Common Trash Items

Brittany | Simply This
by Brittany | Simply This

My name is Brittany, and there are two things that you need to know. I love to save money, and I love to make life easier. I have some simple life hacks for you that do those two things. They're simple, free, or cheap and will make your life easier.

Using a toilet paper roll to organize cords

1. Toilet paper roll

What about those annoying loose wires sitting all over the counter? An old toilet paper roll is the answer to that problem. Use it in the most genius way to keep those stubborn extension cords from tangling. Just fold the cord and tuck it into the toilet paper roll to hide the excess cord away.

How to sharpen dull scissors

2. Scrap aluminium foil

How about dull scissors? I feel like everybody has a pair of these lying around. Well, do not throw them away. Sharpen them in the easiest way by cutting aluminum foil. You do not need a big piece, just enough to be able to cut down the blade of the scissors. You are going to be amazed by how wonderful this works. 

Use a paper clip at the end of a roll of tape

3. Old paper clip

Are you tired of going to use the tape and not being able to get it to lift? You cannot get that stubborn tape to peel up when you need it in a rush. No worries, though. Take an old paper clip, put it on the end of the tape, and voila. Next time you go to use it, you won't have to struggle to get it to lift. 

Reusing hanger clips as bag clips

4. Hanger clips

Have you gotten a new pair of pants recently? Before you throw out the hanger, rip the clip ends off and use it as a bag clip for the unfinished bag of chips. Once you get enough of these collected, you'll never buy bag clips again. 

How to make a DIY water bottle funnel

5. Water bottle

Who doesn't, at some point, have an extra water bottle lying around? Did you know that it doubles as a funnel? Just cut the bottom off, and you have an instant funnel.

Using grocery bags as trash bags

6. Grocery bags

Do you have an abundance of extra grocery bags? If you have small trash cans in your house, don't waste money buying unique bags when you can just use your old grocery bags.  

Using bread ties to organize cords

7. Bread ties

Do you have a bunch of cords tangled or lying all over your counter? What are those bread ties that seem nearly useless? Put those bread ties to work by twisting the tie around the cord to keep it in place.

Labeling wires with bread ties

How about the other kind of bread ties, those flat plastic types? Do you ever forget what you plug in and have to follow the cord all the way back to the item to figure out which cord goes to which item? Problem solved. Label them with the item you were just about to throw away. 

Simple life hacks with trash items

Those were seven of my favorite simple life hacks. All seven items are things we usually toss in the trash but can easily be used to make life simpler and more organized.

Leave a comment in the comment section below with your favorite life hack. We can never get enough of them! 

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  • Dwi31297444 Dwi31297444 on Dec 30, 2022

    Thank you for sharing. My Great Grandmother's & Grandmother's taught me all of these long ago. I feel very fortunate, grateful for them, their love, knowledge. Most due to necessitate the Depression. Do you have a string ball too? Lol. Rubberband balls those extras, toss ball for cats. My ferocious kitty loves "teething" on it.

  • Sandra Butcher Sandra Butcher on Jan 13, 2023

    great ideals, thanks for sharing!!