The Best Foods to Stockpile For an Emergency Situation

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Want to know the best foods to stockpile? In this video, Jill from Living on a Dime to Grow Rich gives a stockpile tour showcasing six months' worth of food for four people. This information can help everyone be prepared and start stockpiling for an emergency situation.

Dry goods must be stored off the ground in a watertight container. These include rice, flour, oatmeal, popcorn, cream of wheat, pancake mix, and noodles. Potato flakes are helpful to make a sourdough starter if yeast is out of stock. The best pasta to stockpile is angel hair spaghetti because it cooks faster.

To keep food flavorful in a crisis, stockpile spices, bouillon, condiments, ketchup, mustards, syrups, and sauces.

For sweeteners, Jill stores brown sugar, white sugar, powdered sugar, corn syrup, and honey. Jill keeps lots of sugar in storage because in an emergency situation, it’s needed for energy. Hard candies are a great emergency pick-me-up, especially peppermints, which can soothe stomachs and throats.

Other essentials in Jill’s stockpile include evaporated milk, coffee, tea, salt, oils, baking soda (for cooking and cleaning), lard, baking cocoa, coconut oil, baking powder, yeast, corn starch (for cooking and candlemaking), spray oil, jello, powdered eggs, butter, taco shells, vinegar (for cooking and cleaning), peanut butter, chocolate chips, and breakfast cereals.

Organizing a pantry

She also has a variety of canned fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat, alongside empty canning jars. Always look for undented cans, since the dented ones don’t last as long.

For non-food items, stockpilers should include: toilet paper, paper towels, sandwich baggies, trash bags, dish soaps, and freezer baggies. Jill also has essential medical supplies like Alka-Seltzer, TUMS, activated charcoal (for food poisoning), soaps, aloe, cough medicine, painkillers, Epsom salt, vodka (for cleaning wounds), and rubbing alcohol.

Jill also has sleeping bags, oil lamps, a stove, solar lights, a Leatherman knife, lighters, wicks, chafing fuel, fire starter logs, cotton balls, Vaseline, and two tents for staying warm.

Best foods to stockpile

What things do you stockpile? What items would you want in a crisis? Drop a comment and let us know.

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