4 Reasons Why Your Home is Not Organized

Hi friends. Are you feeling overwhelmed or intimidated about how to organize your home? Maybe you've tried other people’s organizing tactics but found their system didn't work for you. Perhaps your space just can't accommodate the organizing systems you see in other spaces.

I'm here to help you figure out how to overcome these obstacles so that you can finally have an organized home.

1. Figure out your organizing style

One of the main reasons why your home is not organized, or your organization system fails is that you are not creating systems according to your organizing style. There are 6 different organizing styles; The piler, the stasher, the collector, the tosser, the tidier, and the defyer.

You have at least one organizing style, even if you’re not organized. You can even have a different organizing style for different items and different areas in your home. For the most part, you will naturally have one main organizing style for most of your home.

Organizing files

2. Finding a system that works for you

Creating organized systems for your organizing style transitions you from being a disorganized piler to an organized piler. For example, I am an organized stasher for most of my home, and I used to be a disorganized piler when it came to paperwork. Then I found a filing system that worked for me.

I love my filing system so much because it makes keeping up with paperwork easy. The system does the organizing for you, so find a system that works for you.

Organizing possessions

We all have natural habits regarding how we manage our possessions, and these habits either cause order or disorder. When you work with your natural habits, you can finally set up organized systems that actually work for you.

If you are a stasher, find organized systems for putting things away, like an organization bin for your drawers. If you are a piler, there are systems to keep your piles more organized, like my filing system.

Taking advantage of a large kitchen

3. Take advantage of your space

Before I share more details about the different organizing styles, let me share another main reason why your home isn't organized. Your home isn't organized because you aren't taking advantage of your existing space, whether it's large or small.

If that organized kitchen you saw on Pinterest or Instagram is much larger than yours and has a walk-in pantry while you literally have three cabinets, their organizing system will not work for your space.

While their organizing system may align with their organizing style, you are dealing with a different type of space. Setting up their exact system with the same bins, baskets, and spice racks will probably not work for your space. 

You might be looking at a picture of a kitchen that has so much storage that they can keep all their countertops almost completely clear. They might have all their drinking glasses and cups and mugs and all the ingredients for an entire coffee bar tucked away in their cabinets.

If your kitchen is small, you will probably have to utilize counter space or wall space to store your items.

Organized kitchen

Even if you're a stasher like me, and you like to have all your items tucked away in your kitchen, you might have to utilize open spaces. Using prettier organizing solutions like a nice tea organizer or a pretty bread basket can make leaving things out more pleasant for you.

4. Declutter first

Here’s how to get organized according to your organizing style and the space you have. It is super important to declutter first to get rid of the excess. That way you will have just what you need and can more effectively organize just what you need and make the best use of your spaces. 

To organize in a way you can maintain, start organizing according to your organizing style. Be realistic about the space you have. Don’t get thrown off track looking at pictures of big beautiful homes. They might be pretty to look at, but you have to focus on the space you’re working with.

Remember, you don’t have to do everything all at once. Start with the decluttering and then work on your organizing system.

Why your home is not organized

Comment and let me know if there’s anything you struggle with when it comes to decluttering or organizing. Share this article with anyone you think might benefit from the ideas I’ve shared here.

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