Top Tips for Making Your Space Clutter-free

by Simplify

Making your space clutter-free is the ultimate goal for many homeowners. After all, when you imagine the perfect house inside your head, you don’t picture a space that’s messy and overflowing with stuff. You envision a space that’s neat and tidy, full of light, and inviting to all who enter.

To help you reach that goal, Mia Danielle is sharing her best advice on becoming clutter-free: quick and easy steps to simplifying your space is exactly what’s on her agenda.

Creating a clutter-free home does take a bit of effort on your part, of course, but once you have a holistic home space you can be proud of, all of the time and energy spent will be well worth it. Plus, it will instill a whole lot of extra happiness and comfort in your life as well.

Mia Danielle says the best way to get started simplifying your space is to learn and understand the four phases of creating a clutter-free home.

The first phase is information hoarding. During this phase, you start reading articles, downloading checklists, watching videos, and listening to podcasts all centered around the common theme of minimalizing and getting rid of the excess in your life. All of this information absorption inspires you to take action and build confidence in knowing that you can do this.

Organizing your home

The second phase is creative organizing. In this phase, you start implementing systems in order to organize the material items you are keeping. Mia Danielle says this phase is important because it helps you learn a lot about which organization products work for you and which ones don’t.

The third phase is going bare. This is where you really take action and get rid of everything you don’t need.

The fourth and final phase in making a space clutter-free is tapping into the vision of creating holistic clutter-free spaces. In essence, it’s finding the sweet spot between having nothing and having everything in your home.

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