My 12 Best Purchases of 2022 For an Easy, Beautiful & Cozy Life

Ana Goldberg
by Ana Goldberg

Today I will share with you my best purchases of 2022, the ones that made my life easier, cozier, and prettier. Of course, it's not everything that I bought, but these items, in particular, are entirely regret-free and make me happy.

My core values when inviting new things into my life are simple living, minimalism, beauty, and coziness.

1. Ultralight down jacket

I bought it at the beginning of the year, and it's proven to be the best. I will never get tired of recommending it to anyone because it's warm, light, and ultra-packable, and it also feels like a cozy blanket when I put it on.

I always choose jackets with hoods because this feature is the best when it's windy, cold, or snowy.

Ultralight down jacket

The jacket cost me around $120, worth every penny.  

2. Beige Blouse 

It wasn't a necessary purchase but rather an impulse one, and it has become one of my favorites. I bought it second-hand in St. Petersburg from a lovely lady, and I love the timeless design of the blouse. 

I wear it on its own in summer or as a layering piece when it's colder. I bought it for around $12.  

3. Linen tunic dress

It was a purchase out of summer heat despair, but I cannot imagine my wardrobe without it. It's 100% linen, and the design offers a great diversity of mixing and matching.

On scorching summer days, I would wear it on its own or pair it with shorts for a more modest look. On less hot days, I would mix it with T-shirts and jeans. It's light, compact, and dries super fast, which is handy for traveling. 

Linen tunic dress

The dress cost me around $28.  

4. Wool cardigan

It's the last item I bought this year in December, and I'm absolutely in love. I bought it as a Christmas gift for myself because it's on the pricier side. 

It's a local Serbian design brand, and I found it in an outlet store, so it already had a much more affordable price and a 50% discount. The end price for me was around $63, which is fantastic for such a quality piece. 


It's 80% wool and 20% nylon, a regular composition for the so-called sock yarn. 

Nylon makes the item very wear-resistant, which is great because I wear the cardigan every day, and I want to keep it for many years. 

5. Backpack and everyday sling bag

This is the best accessory choice I've made this year. Again, I purchased at the very beginning, and it has been through many adventures and challenges. I use it every day. It's great for my back, as I find it hard to wear regular big bags, except for totes. 

I even take it to the grocery store. I pack my groceries in a grocery tote and pack the grocery tote in the backpack, and my back is grateful. It has a very simple design. It's black without any logos or any contrasting stitches. I just added a little pendant, and that's it. The price was around $40. 

Everyday sling bag

As for the everyday carry sling bag, it's just perfect. 

It holds everything I need, like my wallet, two phones, chapsticks, mirror, gum, bus card, keys, and everything. 

It's convenient for traveling because I keep everything valuable very close to my heart, so it's safe from pickpockets. The price was around $14.  

6. Silver necklace

Another impulse purchase that I'm in love with. It's very simple. 

Silver necklace

It has a crescent moon and stars design, and I also wear it with the reverse side up. It's very minimalist, and I don't have anything more to say about it. It was from St. Petersburg Artisan jewelry brand, and it cost around $50.  

7. Cutting mat

This is a must-have for every collagist. Although I bought it only this November, this cutting mat makes the analog collaging process much easier and safer for desk surfaces. 

Cutting mat

Its size is just enough for me, and the price was around $7. 

8. Tripod 

This purchase and the next one will be all about content creation, which is my primary source of income at the moment. This September, I finally got a good, steady, and sturdy tripod. This tripod was surprisingly not expensive. As it was on sale, I paid around $20. It's worth it because the filming process has become much easier for me.  

9. Camera 

This purchase has been my dream for over a year. I started my YouTube channel using only my phone camera and have been using it until this October. 

Filming my talking head videos like this has become much easier, and the picture looks much better. It was the most expensive, successful purchase of the year. 

Camera for video blogging

The whole video blogging kit was $800. 

However, having the right tool for what you love to do is a game changer.  

10. Reading light 

This is the tiny little helper that I adore. It was a happy impulse purchase, and it's so worth it. 

Reading light

I got my reading light at a bookstore for around $9. 

My e-reader doesn't have a lighting option, so I have to use either an overhead light or a desk lamp. I didn't like it because I'm trying to avoid harsh light in the evenings. This reading light has solved all my reading troubles.

11. Dishes

When we moved into this apartment, there was a sufficient number of plates, glasses, and cups. 

My best purchases of 2022

I wanted more beauty and coziness, so I bought two bowls, a bigger plate, and a smaller plate. 

I love the bowls' vibrancy and intricacy and the plates' artisan vibe. They instantly made meals so much more enjoyable. I paid around $25 for all of them altogether.  

12. Throw blanket 

I need throw blankets at home, just as I need rugs for a homey and cozy feeling. This throw blanket was one of my first purchases for this apartment, and it's my favorite one. It's very ordinary and plain, and I bought it for $8. 

My best purchases of 2022

Those were my best purchases of 2022. All were useful, and I am delighted with each purchase. Please feel free to share yours in the comments and how they improve your life.

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