10 Budget Organizers You NEED From Dollar Tree & Walmart

If you are a beginner budget organizer, these Walmart and Dollar Tree organization tips will come in handy.

Today I want to help you start organizing on a budget, using very simple and accessible equipment. Let’s get started!

Glass jars

1. Glass jars

If you are looking to refresh your house and get it organized, pick up these affordable glass jars from Walmart. They come in a small and large size. This is such a great alternative to plastic storage, and so versatile!

You can use these in the bathroom for the overstock of soap and toiletries or bath salts, or create a coffee center with a coffee pod jar and ground coffee jar.

Glass jar

If you are willing to put in a little bit of extra work, you can even create a simple indoor terrarium by adding a layer of sand, rocks, and dirt and then planting plants that do not need too much moisture or sunlight.

Dollar Tree has some beautiful little fairy garden features that will come in handy. For smaller options, check out Dollar Tree’s beautiful glass containers.


2. Quality hangers

If you want to make a huge difference in your closet organization without spending a whole lot of money the answer is quality hangers.

My favorites are the Better Homes and Gardens brand from Walmart that cost under $10 for a package of 32. These come in some beautiful colors, and the swivel hook allows you to change the direction of your garments without taking them off and putting them back on the handle.

Shoe racks
Hanging shelves

3. Shoe racks

Most shoe storage options are slanted, which makes it easy for the shoes to fall off and cause a mess. This is why my favorite shoe organizer is this Walmart Mainstays brand for just under $10.

It is super easy to assemble without any tools and has several completely flat shelves, holding up to 12 different pairs of shoes.

If you are using it in your closet, I recommend optimizing that vertical space by storing the shoes you wear the least at the top and the ones you wear the most at the bottom.

Moreover, the rack can also be used for other items, such as clothes or blankets.

4. Hanging shelves

Using quality hanging shelves will double or triple the space in any closet. Trust me and buy the highest quality hanging shelves you can afford. Better Homes & Gardens brand is a good choice, for instance, as it does not get saggy.

See-through containers

5. See-through containers

It took me a long time to understand why anyone would transfer their food from one container to another. After all, what is wrong with the container that the food came in originally?

However, seeing how much is left of each product makes my grocery shopping and restocking so much quicker and easier. I switched to storing everything in these quart size and two quart size containers from Walmart.

The larger one holds a full jug of almond milk, and the smaller one holds a full container of coffee creamer.

Walmart has a large variety available for under $10. Whether you are organizing a closet, a pantry, or a refrigerator, or a freezer, one of these containers would be the perfect size for you.

I love the fact that you can see through it, it has handles, and it is so easy to keep restocked.

Micro organizers

6. Micro organizers

When it comes to small organizing systems, Dollar Tree organizers are hard to beat. They offer great round and square zippered cord keepers, each of them holding several of your headphones.

They also make great camouflage storage for your gym bag or your swim bag – put your small things like car keys or money inside, and no one ever thinks to look there, which makes it perfect for safekeeping.

Spray bottles

7. Spray bottles

Air fresheners are expensive and take up lots of room in our trash, in addition to them not being great for our health.

Instead, invest in an aluminum spray bottle from Dollar Tree (aluminum is a better choice than plastic if you are adding fragrance) and fill it almost to the top with purified water, adding some essential oil.

I really love the sleek look of this air freshener, and I know that I can change the scent inside anytime I want to for pennies. This would make for a great housewarming gift, too.

Wire baskets

8. Wire baskets

Dollar Tree now offers wire racks in some beautiful new spring colors, and I want to teach you a great Dollar Tree organization hack. Pick up a wire basket and some invisible removable hooks from the hardware section. Use a level to make marks on the wall and stick the hooks on.

Then, mount that wire tray on the hooks, and now you have a high -end organization system for earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. To get the hooks off without damaging the wall, use a tweezer and pull down in line with that wall.

Portion cups

9. Portion cups

If you are looking to get back on track with weight loss or healthy eating, pick up a couple packages of these condiment cups with lids from the Dollar Tree.

The lid forms a tight seal, so nothing is going to spill out. I use them to pre-portion my snacks, as well as to pack seasonings for lunch or a short trip.

These are also great for ointments, shampoos, conditioners and all kinds of things you may need in small amounts for an overnight trip.

Hanging shoe storage

10. Hanging shoe storage

If you love stocking up on rolls of wrapping paper, here is a hack on how to store it neatly. Purchase a shoe organizer with plastic holders at Walmart and make cuts in the plastic to custom fit your rolls of wrapping paper.

Standard size wrapping paper takes up three links of the shoe organizers, while Cricut and other strips take up one or two. This easily fits all of your paper and is kept neatly on the back of the door.

Budget organizer

I hope I have inspired you to start organizing today. Where do you normally shop for organizing supplies? What are your favorite Dollar Trip and Walmart organizers? Let me know in the comments!

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