11 Old Navy Shopping Secrets That Only Employees Know

Becky | Freebie Lady
by Becky | Freebie Lady

Hey friends. It’s Becky, otherwise known as The Freebie Lady. Today, I’m going to share tricks and secrets for Old Navy shopping that only the employees know about. Let’s get started!

Old Navy shopping

1. Finding discounts

The first thing to know about Old Navy shopping is that Old Navy wants to give you discounts. They make it easy to get them.

The first way to get discounts is to text “PERK” to 653-689 and they will send a coupon for 5$ off of $35.

Another easy way to get discounts is to sign up for Old Navy’s email list. They will automatically send a discount of 20%. If you don’t want to be bombarded with further emails, you can unsubscribe after you get the coupon.

Sales at Old Navy

2. Finding sales

Old Navy puts everything on sale eventually. Even better, they put seasonal items on sale way before the season is over. For example, it’s currently January and all the sweaters are going on sale now. They are putting out the summer merchandise.

If there’s a sweater you really want, wait, because that sweater will eventually go on sale way before the season is over. It’s a great way to get an amazing discount. Seasonal items sometimes go for 60%, 70%, or even 80% off before they clear the floor of them.

Using the Honey browser extension

3. Use Honey

Another way to save is to check online. Old Navy always has sales online that are not necessarily in stores. Make sure you have the Honey Google Chrome extension. That way you never miss a coupon code, even the hidden coupons that you have to search for.

With Honey, they will install that coupon code for you at checkout. There’s no fee. Honey has saved me a ton of money.

Old Navy rewards program

4. Old Navy rewards

Old Navy also has a rewards program. The really cool thing about Old Navy’s rewards program is that the points you rack up can also be used at Banana Republic, Athleta, and Gap. It can be used interchangeably between all those stores and Old Navy.

The way it works is that for every dollar you spend, you get one point. When you rack up one hundred points, you get a $1 reward. It’s basically free money. They have other perks, like free shipping when you spend over $50, birthday perks, and if you have Old Navy Super Cash that is unused, you can convert that into points.

5. Old Navy Super Cash

This program gives you a $10 coupon for every $25 you spend. This coupon will be mailed to you. Of course, they’re going to give you even more incentives, so they have double Super Cash days, and even triple Super Cash days. That means you get double or triple the cash for every $25 you spend.

You can see how you can start snowballing all these different rewards programs to get amazing deals. I’ve even gotten free products just by buying at a really good time. If you combine the coupons, plus the 80% off deals, plus the double rewards days, you can get hundreds of products for basically nothing.

Old Navy Super Cash chart

This chart shows how Super Cash works when they do a double-earn day. The only stinky thing about Old Navy Super Cash is that you cannot use it in combination with coupons. You can use it in combination with things on sale. You cannot use your Super Cash at affiliated stores, like Banana Republic, Gap, and Athleta.

6. The best day to shop at Old Navy

If you’re looking for the best day to shop at Old Navy, rumor has it that markdowns happen on Mondays and Sundays.

Tag tricks for shopping

7. Tag tricks

Let’s talk about the actual tags. How do you know what the lowest price ever will be on a specific item? If you look at a tag and it ends in seven, you know that is the final, lowest price that item will ever go.

8. Buy gift cards

Here’s an extra savings hack for Old Navy shopping. When I know I’m going to spend $50 or more at a specific store, I buy a discounted gift card. You can buy discounted gift cards from places like Rise or eBay.

The way it works is there are people, like you and me, who sell these companies their gift cards, and they resell them to use. I have saved anywhere from 1% to 20% at specific stores just by using a discounted gift card from one of these two places. So, that’s an extra way to save even more.

9. Stack coupons

One of the things I absolutely love about Old Navy is their ability to stack coupons. You can use up to three coupons in one transaction.

Let me tell you, that makes my deal heart super, super happy. You can use those three coupons in combination with discounted gift cards. Look at the savings you can get when Old Navy shopping.

10. Price matching

I bet you’re wondering if you can find a deal on Old Navy’s website and then bring it to your store and ask for the same exact deal. There is no clear-cut answer.

Basically, all the Old Navy stores work independently of each other. You might get one deal at one store, a different deal from another store, and another online. Ask — they might match it.

If not, I have found there are usually better deals online than in-store. So, if you find an item you really love and don’t want to wait for it to go on sale because it might not have your price, check it out online. If they don’t price match, just buy it online and have it shipped to your store so you don’t have to pay for shipping.

Old Navy shopping tips, tricks & hacks

I hope you found these Old Navy shopping secrets and hacks helpful. What is your favorite thing that you’ve ever found at Old Navy? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Donna Donna on Jun 10, 2023

    PERK doesn't work

  • Jona Jackson Jona Jackson on Jun 10, 2023

    I'm a Old Navy shopper, due to limited income, I'm a clarence shopper for all my grandkids clothes. They are at the age, brand names don't matter. I've always got a box of clothes (different sizes) , summer,winter spring fall, to gift in baskets for holidays. Planing ahead.

    • Dahliaqueen Dahliaqueen on Jun 10, 2023

      I always did that when my twin granddaughters were young, clearance every time in every store, was great in Kohls with a 30% off coupon!!