How They Build a Container Home Between Two Cliffs

by Simplify

Emily and Seth show us their unique container home. The couple builds and sells container homes but for their own home, they wanted to do something really special. The home is angled and tucked into a ravine so planning the layout was extra challenging.

Seth and Emily purchased a plot of land in Hocking Hills, Ohio. While exploring the property, they found this narrow gorge and decided to build their home there, surrounded by nature. With a living roof, the home looks like it grew right out of the ground.

The two-story house is made from three containers. Two containers laying side by side make the ground level of the home, and a third container lays on top at an angle to fit into the valley. It took 5 months to build and cost $350,000. Emily came up with the whimsical design and Seth figured out the logistics of the construction.

The home has a deck with an outdoor hot tub that overlooks the ravine. The cedar siding on the home is a work of art that took time and careful planning to create. Even the rounded doorway at the entrance of the home has a whimsical, hobbit-like feel to it.

Shipping container on a crane

With gigantic picture windows, skylights, and multiple circular windows, the house is bright and airy. Being in the house the family has protection from the elements, while still having access to all the magical views of nature surrounding them. There is even a custom bookshelf and reading nook with a circular window seat to nestle in while taking in the view.

The galley kitchen has long panoramic windows to open the space and take in the immaculate views. A spiral staircase leads up to the bedrooms. This home incorporated all the necessities with a fabulous aesthetic.

Container home

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  • Melissa Melissa on Feb 26, 2023

    So they don’t live here? It’s a vacation home? That’s what I kind of heard Seth say at the end. So that makes more sense because they have 4 kids and not enough bed space for them. And no closets. Unless their foundation has some basement space.

  • Steve Steve on Feb 27, 2023

    Absolutely stunning VACAY Home - However dollar per dollar a traditional wood frame Tiny Home is far more functional and so much easier to customize. Only advantage I see in a container home is the ECO contribution to repurposing a big heavy hot piece of metal. Am I wrong?