This Fairytale Tiny Cottage by the Sea is All About Whimsy & Magic

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Bruce’s tiny cottage by the sea, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, feels like a fairy tale.

This stone cottage looks like something out of Hansel and Gretel and is inspired by a place that Bruce used to live in in the 60s. He saw a photo of a whimsical treehouse and decided to recreate it on his riverside property.

So he contacted Lindcroft, the company that made the treehouse from the photo, and asked them to visit his property to see if it would be appropriate to create a similar structure there - and they both agreed it was a great match.

The cottage looks like something out of a fairy tale

This storybook cottage was built using locally milled timbers and materials from the island. It has a timber frame that billows out on top. Getting the shape right was a challenge: they had to make their own woodworking froe and use it to peel off cedar blocks in a curled shape and then steam them so they curved in the right direction, letting them dry before adding them on top of the frame.

The unique doors and windows were custom-made for the home by a local metalworker, in keeping with the ethic of trying to use local craftspeople and locally-sourced materials.

Although the home looks fantastical on the outside, it’s modern and functional on the inside, with a contemporary wooden interior and a gray tile backsplash in the kitchen. There is a stone fireplace that keeps the house warm during the winter, and a table and two chairs by the window overlooking the water.

Bruce says that sometimes the window creates a fishbowl effect, where people who are boating will stop and peer into the house because it is right on the water and has such a different look to it.

Fairytale tiny cottage by the sea

This tiny cottage shows that whimsy and magical thinking can transform a small space into something larger than life.

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  • Kim Westwood Kim Westwood on Oct 17, 2022

    Oh wow!!! So cute, whimsical & fairy tale like. Straight out of the pages of a story book. I love it