His Tiny House Costs Only 1/10th of a Typical Silicon Valley Home

by Simplify

How much does a tiny house cost? Just ask Teja, a homeowner living in one of the most expensive areas in the United States—Silicon Valley. Not only does Teja own the first legal tiny house on wheels ADU (accessory dwelling unit: a dwelling that exists in conjunction with a larger, pre-existing home) in San Jose, but he also spends only a tenth of what the typical homeowner incurs while living in this area.

And that means that his tiny house cost is sure to make many of the neighbors a little awestruck and quite a bit jealous.

The tiny house ADU is located in Silicon Valley

The best part of Teja’s tiny house in Silicon Valley is that he was able to park it right in his parents’ backyard. And that was a big deal because he moved there during the middle of the pandemic while everyone was still expected to be in quarantine.

This allowed him to work from home safely, but also enabled him to spend time with his family at the exact same time.

According to Teja, the tiny house cost him less than $95k, but it comes with so many incredible features that it’s pretty hard to believe. These features include a long galley kitchen with a gas stove top and an oven, quartzite countertops, and a double-wide workstation sink.

He also has a great room area, which doubles as his office and sitting area, built-in storage under the staircase, a full-size bathroom, and a loft bedroom.

The tiny house cost Teja paid was well worth it in terms of style as well. There are shiplapped walls throughout the home, floating shelves with decor, framed artwork, colorful linens, and houseplants that make the tiny home feel cozy and warm.

So much so that you feel like you’re in a regular-sized home with everything you could ask for—it just happens to be on wheels and parked next to the larger family home.

How much does a tiny house cost?

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