Why She's Retiring in a Tiny House in Durango, Colorado

by Simplify

Sherri has definitely been enjoying life ever since retiring in a tiny house in Durango, Colorado. Surprisingly enough, her tiny house came mostly furnished already. So, she was able to jump right into her tiny house retirement without having to complete any major construction projects of her own or move in any large furniture pieces.

Her tiny house is located in Durango, Colorado

Figuring out how to retire in a tiny house simply couldn’t get any easier than the way Sherri chose to do it. Not only was her home outfitted with a large reclining sofa, but it also came with custom shelves, artwork, lamps, and a tv.

Regardless of the smaller living quarters, Sherri still manages to entertain herself with hobbies at home as well. For her, tiny house retirement living includes growing vegetables and flowers from seeds and reading in her spare time.

When it comes to tiny houses for retirees, it’s all about avoiding the high cost of rent or mortgages while also being more energy efficient, says Sherri. Another plus of retiring in a tiny house is that she was able to move it from its original location to a tiny home village nearby, so now she’s part of a larger community of people living in tiny homes.

When you go on a tour of Sherri’s tiny home, you’ll notice the spacious butcher block counters, appliances, storage, and under-cabinet lighting in her kitchen. Her bathroom is noticeably large for a tiny home, so Sherri has plenty of room for a regular toilet, sink, shower with LED lighting and a 60-gallon water tank, plenty of storage, and a washer dryer hookup.

Retiring in a tiny house

Retiring in a tiny house is fun, according to Sherri. Everyone in her community is nice and they love to show off their own tiny homes to new people.

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