Why She Chose Tiny House Retirement on the Coast

by Simplify

Meet Gael. She couldn't afford San Francisco's high rents and exorbitant cost of living so she chose a tiny house retirement. Gael pared down her belongings and moved to Tiny Tranquility, a tiny house retirement community on the Oregon coast.

She has made a cozy, colorful home with her two cats and considers her house a mini art studio where she continues to do her artwork and display her passions, which include crystals and her friends' artwork. Gael shows us how it’s possible to comfortably retire in a tiny house.

Retirement plan

Retiring in a tiny house is peaceful for Gael. Thanks to the oversized windows in her home, she never feels the need to close her blinds and loves the light that shines inside. Though she'd love a larger bathroom—feeling a bit cramped in the elbow-to-elbow shower—she wouldn't give up the lifestyle she's created.

Her cats adore the kitty highway she's built above the living room that leads to their very own loft area and catio where they have a fenced-in porch.

A most unique element of Gael’s tiny home is the staircase. She designed it so the steps open for storage, and they allow her to take smaller steps so she doesn't stress her knees. Gael says that you have to make it work in a tiny house and make adjustments if you want to keep living this relaxing, freeing lifestyle.

Gael won an exterior makeover for her tiny house, which once was yellow shiplap with white trim. Now she has striking cedar and metal siding with a handsome gray roof. Outside, she has arranged a beautiful outdoor living area next to her garden which is lit up at night for a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere.

Tiny house retirement

Do you envision yourself retiring in a tiny house? Would you live in a tiny house retirement community? Let us know if this sort of lifestyle sounds appealing to you.

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