Turning a Shed Into a Tiny House For a More Sustainable Lifestyle

by Simplify

For Mariryan and Heather, turning a shed into a tiny house was a perfect fit: they live a sustainable and earth-loving lifestyle and grow vegetables in the garden. Let’s take a look at their tiny house shed.

The kitchen area is obviously compact, with just the main essentials. There is a filtration system for water, a small microwave, an induction cooktop, and a small compost bin (bigger ones are located outside). Mariryan and Heather installed the windows themselves with some help from a friend.

A mini fridge stores food for 3-4 days, which is how often they go grocery shopping. Meals are eaten at the bar top overlooking the garden, but you do need to move the sofa to sit down. The sofa is actually a pull-out, which makes the house guest-friendly.

The bathroom is tiny, shoulder-length wide, but that’s all you need. There is a composting toilet, as the owners did not want to install a big plumbing system. Minimal storage in the back is for shampoo and toothbrushes.

The sleeping quarters are up the ladder, but you can watch TV from up there while laying down. The poles on the side make sure you won’t fall down.

Now that we have seen the shed tiny house interior, let’s step outside. Mariryan and Heather reiterate that the entire house is made sustainably. There are three industrial-sized compost bins, and they alternate.

Turning a shed into a tiny house

A small sitting area is used for bird watching. This is also where they hang their towels, as there isn’t much space inside. The garden is small but very rich, with blueberries, kale, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, and more.

Turning a shed into a tiny house

Mariryan and Heather have created their own food source, and are now living the environmentally conscious life they have always wanted. Would you ever live in a shed turned into a tiny house?

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  • Beckey Beckey on Dec 03, 2022

    Where do you do your laundry? The entire home is beautiful- love it!