Take a Tour of This Gorgeous Tiny House With a Garden in Spain

by Simplify

What would you do with a large tract of forested and farmed land in Spain? Anne had a chance to answer this question when she inherited land that had been in her family’s possession for generations.

Anne is a Montreal-born retired veterinarian, and she used the space to build a tiny house garden area.

Garden growing vegetables

Although Anne spends much of her day in the bigger house on the land working with people and animals, she comes to the tiny house garden space during her siesta hour. There, she reads, thinks, meditates, drums, works on wood engravings, and does yoga.

Anne sees the house as a getaway place to relax in and reconnect to her essential self through nature. That’s why Anne designed the house to have panoramic windows, overlooking the orchard, and letting in natural light and nature scenes.

She also designed the home to be accessible to people with reduced access and those in wheelchairs. There is a ramp in front of the door. Inside there are large open spaces. The couch and bed are lightweight and movable. And, the chairs and table fold into the wall.

The house was built with the help of Enrique, a local carpenter. This was the first house he had ever built. Enrique used cedar wood planted by Anne’s grandfather on the land 100 years ago. The cedar also adds a pleasant aroma and repels insects.

Tiny house with a garden 

Anne named the tiny house garden space, “spiral,” because to her it represents the path of life. In life, we are always moving forward, even while revisiting our past.

Anne believes the tiny house movement is a chance to get away from industrial cookie-cutter solutions and reconnect with nature. How do you connect with nature and the world around you? Let us know in the comments.

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