How Living in a Tiny House Gives Her Peace & Financial Freedom

by Simplify

Christine never wanted a big house. She explains that she likes small and cozy things, and asks “why do I need three living rooms?”In this video, Christine shares her experiences building and living in a tiny house.

Christine’s tiny house journey started after she watched “Tiny” on Netflix. The show inspired her to buy a trailer, and start work on building a tiny house. Luckily for Christine, her ex-husband was a contractor, and he volunteered to help her build her home.

A friend let Christine put her house in his backyard. She is grateful to him, but eventually wants to find a permanent and like-minded tiny home community in an area filled with nature.

Christine named her home Lilly Mae, after her grandmother, Lillian, and her mother, Mae. Christine explains that she works in a clinical setting as a dental assistant. After work, her cozy and comfortable home helps her relax. And it’s easy to keep clean.

The house features a well-lit living room with proper windows (as opposed to RV windows). Christine also has a comfy sofa, a closet, and a spacious kitchen. Her bed is in a low-ceilinged loft, but she doesn’t feel claustrophobic up there. There is a window by her bed where she can see the stars at night.

The tiny house is named Lilly Mae

The tiny home is inexpensive to run. Christine has a composting toilet and hopes to go solar soon. In the meantime, she doesn’t have many energy-related expenses. The propane for her heating, hot water, and stove costs her about $70 every two weeks in winter and $70 every two months in the summer.

To keep the roof weight down, the house was built with overlarge roof trusses, and spray foam insulation. Christine also uses hay bales to insulate her floors in the winter.

When the propane heating is on, a fair amount of humidity does build up inside the tiny house, so Christine has to open her windows and wipe things down daily.

Living in a tiny house

Christine explains about her tiny house, “It’s my investment in my life and my life is very happy, so I think it was a good investment.” She loves living in a tiny house. Would you live in a tiny house? Let us know in the comments.

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