How This Family Built a Luxury Cave Home in Ohio

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Perhaps one of the most unusual homes is a 1500-square-foot cave home in Ohio: a home built directly into a cave. Bryant and Amy are a couple who fell in love with a cave in Hocking Hills and decided to build a modern cave home right in it. Let’s take a look at this incredible home in a cave!

The cave home is 1500 square feet and includes two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Building the cave home took 7 months. The couple hired a geologist and a structural engineer to make sure that the cave was structurally safe.

Inside a cave

In terms of exterior, the only thing the couple added was the front wall, which is basically all glass - all the other sides are rock. A lot of work was put into excavating out the floor to make it level and create enough ceiling height.

The idea was to keep as much rock as possible, so all the ceilings are natural rock, and only the dangerous pieces were removed. There are a lot of different sources of lighting, including vintage chandeliers and little lamps built into the floor that are meant to highlight the formations of the rock.

To help with the unpleasant natural smells of a cave, the air coming in and out is recycled. The heated flooring heats the entire cave.

The interior design includes gothic elements, such as arches, and incorporates a lot of natural decor.

The couple had an interior designer create a look that is both moody and modern and comfortable. There are two luxurious bedrooms, and Amy shares that taking a bath in the cave is a unique experience in itself.

Bryant and Amy bring their family to the cave on the weekends and feel extremely proud of what they have created. They also rent the cave home out to guests.

Cave home

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