This Windowless Tiny House in Yokohama Brings the Outdoors In

by Simplify

Japan is known for its small, yet creative housing solutions. With land at such a premium, and a dense population of people living in the city, this tiny house in Yokohama shows you what it's like to live in this bustling city.

Wanting the space to feel like you’re living outside, famed architect Takeshi Hosaka designed and built a 409-sq-foot home he calls LoveHouse. Strangely enough, this tiny house has no windows. And yet it still feels like the outdoors have been brought inside.

Built in 2005, and renovated in 2022, LoveHouse is now the second home for Takeshi and his partner.

The exterior is painted white and only has one rectangular door. As you enter the home, you’re actually still outside. And you can see the gardens below as you ascend the spiral staircase with no ceiling or roof above it. There is also a live Griffith’s Ash tree growing in this space as a way to bring nature indoors.

At the top of the staircase are floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors that let the natural light pour through the home. The living and dining space of the home is quite tight, but the furniture present inside the home is adaptable for functionality purposes.

Griffith's ash tree

The kitchen is surprisingly long with plenty of countertop space and storage, which comes in the form of cabinetry and open shelves. There is even a dishwasher and stove top located here as well as a skylight.

The first floor houses a small bathroom with a toilet and sink and a bedroom with just enough space for a bed. You’ll also find creative storage solutions wherever you choose to look including under the stairs.

Tiny house in Yokohama

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