10 Clever RV Organization Ideas & Storage Hacks

by Five2Go

We're cleaning out our RV for the first time since we’ve been on the road! We bought a new trailer, so that's why we're emptying everything out. As we move over to the new RV, we’ll share some of our best RV organization ideas that we've learned after months of living on the road.

We’ll show you how to make the most of your RV's storage spaces. You’ll learn about the best bins to use, clever ways to store your clothes, how to use pantry bars, and more.

Master bedroom storage

1. Master bedroom storage

In the master bedroom of most of these RVs, there are big closets on either side of where the bed goes. They’re really deep, but also really skinny. So we struggled about whether to use hangers or hanging storage.

Our solution was very narrow plastic drawers at Walmart that slide into the space. We use IKEA’s SKUBB bins in our drawers to organize our clothes. They’re sturdy so we are able to store shirts, sleep clothes, and underwear, and we can see them easily.

Shoe rack

2. Shoes

We don’t have tons of shoes, but we found we could put two in one pocket. We use this canvas shoe organizer that fits on the foot of the bed. 

Using Command Hooks for storage
Using command hooks in the bathroom
Storing remote controls

Command Hooks and bins

3. Command Hooks and bins

We put a bunch of Command Hooks by the front door for jackets, hats, and scarves. We keep a flashlight here for dog walks. We’ve used Command Hooks to put up Christmas lights and for lightweight decorations.

We use Command bins on the walls to hold remote controls and phones. We have a bin next to the bed for wallets and keys. They make special waterproof Command Hooks we’ve used in our shower for bins to hold shampoos and loofahs.  

Medicine cabinet

4. Medicine cabinet

We have a magnetic knife strip in our medicine cabinet. It holds nail clippers, tweezers, and small metallic items like that. 

Kitchen storage

5. Kitchen storage

We made it a point to keep our food up off the floor and out of the lower cabinets. To keep things in place and to make it easier to access items, we got VARIERA bins at IKEA that fit perfectly in the cabinets. 

Non-food storage

6. Non-food storage

For non-food items like electronics and cords, we use stackable plastic bins with lids.  

Fridge organization

7. Fridge organization

RVs are notorious for their tiny fridges. We organized the interior using plastic bins with handles. We kept yogurts in one and jars in another, for example. The bins helped to keep everything in place while we were moving. 

Using nooks and crannies effectively

8. Use nooks and crannies effectively

Put your out-of-the-way spaces to good use. Though RVs are compact, you‘ll find big empty areas that are useful. For example, if we pull our TV out, there’s room for Command Hooks that I hung to hold oven racks.

Behind our theater seats, we have a nice, big empty cavity where we store window coverings, blankets, and some other items. We also store sheets under our mattresses. 

Appliance space for storage

9. Appliance space for storage

We have a couple of appliances we’ve never used, such as the microwave in the outside kitchen. We store exterior lights there. Since we have a convection oven, we never used the regular oven inside so we store pans and other kitchen items. 

RV organization ideas

RV storage hacks

10. Pantry bars

Pantry bars are like mini tension rods. They are great for big empty cabinets to section off space. We’ve used them wedged into our outdoor fridge to keep bottles and cans from rolling around. 

RV organization ideas

What sorts of RV organization hacks do you use? We’ve toured a bunch of rigs over the years and we know how creative RV storage ideas can be. Share your tips, tricks, and unusual organization accessories and ideas with us in the comments. 

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