2 Easy Dollar Tree Halloween Treats You Can Make Quickly at Home

Jaime Bacon
by Jaime Bacon

I am in the Halloween spirit right now, so I took a trip to Dollar Tree. How about we make some Halloween treats? When the Halloween season arrives, Dollar Tree has some of the most amazing things. I had to go search around the store and see what new items they had and what kind of meals or treats I could make.

Halloween treats ingredients

Halloween treats ingredients

I found a couple of things that were new. Some of the things were already there. I came out with a bunch of ideas. I'm going to make two different desserts today. I'm going to make spider cookies, and I'm going to make some brownies with Halloween-themed things on top. It should all be easy to make because a lot of this is prepackaged ingredients. 

You just need a couple of things from home. An egg is one of them, some butter, some vegetable oil. Some of that you can easily get a Dollar Tree, too. 

Chocolate chip cookie mix

Chocolate chip cookie mix

Let me show you what I've got going on. I'm going to start by making chocolate chip cookies using this cookie mix. 

Reese’s miniatures

Reese’s miniatures

When they come out, I'm going to unwrap miniature Reese's cups and put them upside down on top to make them look like the spider's body.  

Chocolate fudge frosting

Chocolate fudge frosting

I tried looking for the decorative frosting that comes in little tubes. They didn't have any brown so I got a regular can of chocolate fudge icing. I will try to put that in a Ziploc bag and draw little spider legs on those spiders. 

I will have a ton of this frosting left over, so I am also making some fudge brownies. Once those are done and have cooled off, I'm going to frost the brownies with the rest of the fudge frosting. I'm going to put a mixture of candy corn and cute Halloween sprinkles on top. I think that'll look decorative and yummy. 

Cookie mix instructions

Cookie mix instructions 

I'm going to start with the chocolate chip cookies. The back of the cookie bag says I need a half stick of butter, softened, and one tablespoon of water. My butter was in the fridge and I did not soften it because I never remember, so I just stuck it in the microwave for like 15 or 20 seconds and it's soft now.  

One thing I like about these ideas is that you can use them in a bunch of different ways. If you don't like to use a prepackaged mix, feel free to use your own recipe. 

Another good thing about using a smaller package like this is that it does not make quite as many cookies. If you live by yourself or if you have a smaller family, then a package like this is perfect because a typical homemade recipe makes 36 to 48 cookies. This bag makes twelve, so you will not have that many cookies in the house.  

Cookies ready for baking

Cookies ready for baking

When the oven is preheated, we'll get these in, and then while that's going, we can start on the brownies. The cookies will bake for about eleven minutes or so. 

Brownie mix instructions

Brownie mix instructions 

The brownie mix needs a third cup of vegetable oil, two tablespoons 

of water, and one egg. We'll just get this ready while the cookies are baking.  

Making the brownie mix

Brownie mixture

Now the package directions on this say to stir this like 50 times. I love how it says that, because I didn’t count to 50 when I was stirring. Whenever it looked like it was ready, then it was ready.  

Decorating the cookies with Reese’s cups

Decorate with Reese’s cups

After taking the chocolate chip cookies out of the oven, I think I may have overcooked them. That's okay. Let's go ahead and put some of these Reese's cups on top while they're still pretty soft, and then we'll use the frosting later.  

There are only eight of the Reese cups in a bag, so if you want to put Reese cups on all of them, get two bags of these. 

Testing the brownies

Testing brownies for doneness

Let's get the brownies in the oven, and then we'll let everything cool before we decorate. Follow the package directions for time then test them with a toothpick to make sure they’re done. The toothpick has come out clean, which means the brownies are done. Now I'm going to have to let them sit for quite a while and cool off, and then we can do all of the awesome frosting. 

Making spider cookies for Halloween

Frosting the spiders' legs

Okay, let's see how well making the spider’s legs from frosting works. I have no idea how it's going to turn out, but it should be an interesting experiment. The frosting is pretty soft. I'm thinking all I need is a little spoonful. We're going to set it inside this Ziploc bag here. We'll close it up and then cut a hole right in the corner. Then I should be able to just squeeze it right out. Now, if you have a frosting piping bag, feel free to use that. This is what I have, so I'm going to try this.  

Dollar Tree Halloween treats

Finished spider cookies

These turned out super cute. Now I wish that Dollar Tree candy eyeballs because that would have made it even better. But I think they looks pretty good like this. 

Candy corn decorated brownies for Halloween

Decorated brownies 

Now let's see if we can get the brownies frosted. Oh, my goodness. These look so, so good. 

Dollar Tree Halloween treats ready to eat

I'm not a huge fan of Halloween and the scary stuff, but I do love the kind of cute Halloween sort of thing. The Dollar Tree Halloween treats came out super cute. If you have found any awesome items at Dollar Tree recently, let me know in the comments. 

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  • Sharon Sharon on Oct 31, 2022

    Who are you going to serve these treats to?

  • Sandra Sandra on Oct 31, 2022

    I love the looks of the decorated brownies with frosting, candy corn and other sprinkles. Looks very festive! However, just a suggestion, I would try using thin pretzel sticks for the spider legs as you c[under poke them into the peanut butter cup to secure them.. I just don't think using the frosting for legs does the spiders justice! Maybe just give it a shot to compare? Please don't be offended as I am only trying to help.