How to Downsize Clothes You Find at the Thrift Store

by Simplify

If you like thrifting, you know how important it is to know how to downsize clothes. Thrifting is affordable and reduces waste. The only issue is that it is very rare to find something that fits just right.

Adding belt holes is a good way to adjust belt sizes. You can use a revolving punch plier to get a perfect hole without risking damage. Use a marker to mark the place you need the hole and then use the tool to create it.

You can use this technique on handbags as well if you want to change the length of the strap. You can even turn a strappy bag into a belted clutch. A revolving punch plier is a great tool for customizing thrifted items.

Sometimes you need to find ways to get an extra-large shirt to fit. One simple way to do this is by rolling up the sleeves and tying the shirt at the front. You can also turn extra-large shirts into dresses.

How to downsize clothes

If you find oversized blazers or dresses you like, try belting them. You can also use belts for pants with oversized waists. Simply put the belt through the loop at the back to hold it in place and cinch the rest of the fabric under the belt.

If you have a skirt with an oversized waist, fold it over in front and pin it closed on the side. This creates a nice wrap-around look. You can even throw a belt over the waist to make the look cleaner and more seamless.

How to downsize clothes

There are so many ways to take thrifted items and fit them to your body type and needs. You can find ways to create new shapes and sizes. Using just a minimal amount of effort, you can maximize the use of your purchases.

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