The 20 Best Budget Fashion Tips of All Time

Everyone, it seems, has an opinion about the dos and don’ts of style. Depending on whom you listen to, you might stop wearing white after Labor Day or throw your combat boots away on your 40th birthday. In my mind, both of those decisions would be a sad, sad shame.

To sort through the style advice madness, here’s a list of the 20 best budget fashion tips of all time.

20 best budget fashion tips

1. Don’t wear socks with sandals.

Sandals are made for bare feet and socks are made for shoes. Do not wear socks with sandals. It looks goofy. Guys, this applies to you too.

2. Your tailor is your BFF.

Whatever you are wearing, make sure it fits you beautifully. If it doesn’t, have it altered.

3. Be picky about your jeans.

Take the time and money to find jean you adore. They are a staple, make you feel sexy and comfortable at the same time, and can be dressed up or down.

4. Buy multiples.

If you love a piece of clothing and it loves you back, buy multiples. Pick up different colors or multiples of the same color — just make sure the style is a classic one. A super trendy piece is not a great candidate for multiples, because you might feel awkward wearing that style in the next season.

5. If you must choose, it’s comfort first then style.

Gilda Radner famously said she based her fashion sense on what doesn’t itch. Smart lady. If your clothing makes you feel miserably uncomfortable, no matter how stylish or cute it is, you won’t wear it.

6. Invest in bold accent pieces.

Pick accent pieces that stand out. You’ll love them, and they’ll add flair and personality to the blandest outfit.

7. It’s only a bargain if you wear it.

It’s not uncommon to find designer wares on sale for 50% or more. The thing is, buying a pair of $1,200 snakeskin boots with green-tinted plexi heels for $300 isn’t a great deal — unless you plan on wearing those boots on the regular.

8. Get your foundation garments right.

Go see a bra fitter today. Too many women wear the wrong size bra, and it impacts how your clothes look. The right level of support keeps your girls — and your confidence — from sagging.

9. Strive for balance.

The best outfits have balance. Pair tight pieces with looser silhouettes. Surround a bold accessory with subtler neutrals. Always strive for balance in fit, color and style.

10. When in doubt, dress up.

Enough said.

11. Invest in the classics.

There are certain pieces of clothing that will always be in style: The blazer, the pencil skirt, and the little black dress are three examples. For pieces that you can wear again and again, you can spend more if the premium gets you better quality.

12. Don’t chase the trends.

Know the trends and dabble in them to keep things interesting. If your clothing budget is tight, play in the trends in accessories only. And shop for these pieces at fast-fashion shops like H&M.

But resist the urge to overhaul your entire wardrobe every season. It’s too expensive, and you’ll never feel satisfied with the clothes you have on hand.

13. Know your measurements!

Spare yourself some grief by knowing your measurements and using them to find well-fitting pieces. Take a peek at the sizing chart before you buy anything online. You’ll save tons of time and you won’t have to deal with pesky return policies that vary from store to store.

14. Use a lint roller.

Remove lint and hair from your clothing. We love texture, but not the kind that comes from dog or cat hair.

15. Live well.

I’ll spare you the full “drink water, eat healthy” lecture. You know the deal — you look your best when you’re taking care of yourself. You skin glows and your clothes fit better.

16. Organize your closet!

If you don’t know what’s in the closet, all those clothes you bought aren’t getting used. And that’s when you start having those “I have nothing to wear” moments.

Keep your closet organized and you’ll have a better sense of when you actually do need something new.

17. Show skin strategically.

This is closely related to the point about keeping balance in your outfits. If your legs are bare and up to there, cover the cleavage. Or if you’re rocking the deep V neckline, keep the hemline conservative.

18. Buy classics with a twist.

An animal print scarf or a bold red blazer or patent leather flats — these are fashion classics with a twist, and they are the mark of a true fashionista.

19. Borrow or rent or thrift.

Sometimes you just crave something new. But that new piece doesn’t have to be just-out-of-the-factor new. You can get the same fix with a piece you borrowed or rented (try Le Tote!) or traded for or thrifted.

20. Confidence is your best accessory.

We talk a lot about fashion “rules” around here. But those rules are only useful if you’re not sure what to wear. In truth, what you wear is never as important as how you wear it.

If you want to break the rules and you can do it with confidence — then go for it. Be you.

Catherine | The Budget Fashionista
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  • Irene Irene on Jan 21, 2023

    Good tips

  • Npt71881583 Npt71881583 on Aug 23, 2023

    I already knew all that and it is hard to believe some don't. why, why, why, do people wear socks with sandals, or huge sneakers with skirts, what are they thinking??