Quick and Easy Bathroom Organization Ideas

Do you feel like your bathroom is overflowing with products, and you can't seem to store them all properly?

Maybe you’ve even tried bathroom cabinet organizers before, but you just weren’t happy with the results. No problem!

Let me show you how to organize every item you need under your bathroom vanities and your medicine cabinets.

Once you put these bathroom organization ideas into practice, you’re sure to gain confidence in your bathroom organization skills once and for all.

You’ll feel much better about taking all your products out every day and putting them all back away in the tidiest and most efficient way possible.

I'm Terri Elizabeth, author of How to Organize Any Space in Seven Simplified Steps, where I show you how to organize your spaces according to your personal organizing style so that your spaces can finally stay organized.

If you need help organizing bathrooms, I’m here for you!

Full bath under sink organization

1. Full bath under sink organization

Now, everything in my house is builder grade, so it's all very standard, which means that there are no drawers or shelves, just open space around the pipes under the sink. 

Full bath medicine cabinet organization

Full bath under sink organization

Then there are standard medicine cabinets in the wall as well. The good thing though, is that I can show you how to organize these types of spaces since many of you will also have builder grade homes.

First, I will show you how we organize one of our full baths upstairs with under bathroom sink organizers you can find at your local discount retailer.

And, next, I will show you how we organize the half bath or guest bathroom we have downstairs. 

Full bath under sink organization

For the full bath, we keep all the backup toiletries in containers, which can be found at Walmart and Big Lots.

I have all of these products organized by categories including face, hair, body, oral care, pads which can easily be grabbed when sitting on the toilet, and cotton products.

Bins that are open on one side work for every organizing style, and I use them through my bathroom to keep things nice and tidy.

Full bath under sink organization

In the medicine cabinet on the top shelf, we store first aid products and medicines along with a sinus rinsing bottle, which is used in conjunction with packets. 

Full bath under sink organization

I store the packets themselves in a bin from the Dollar Tree along with my preservative free eyedrops and tampons.

We also have a hair tie in there for tying hair up on non hair-washing days. 

Full bath under sink organization

And another Dollar Tree container with the lid removed holds individual flossers, some portable flossers, and floss dispensers.

Lastly, a really old, stained and scratched container is probably from the 99 Cents Only store, and it holds my daughter's whitening products, which I clearly need.

We have a hairbrush in there too, and my daughter keeps some face masks and other skincare products in it as well. 

2. Half bath under sink organization

Half bath under sink organization

In the half bath or guest bathroom, I store my hair tools and products.

Now, when I didn't have a guest bathroom to use in the past, baskets sat on a shelf, whether it was installed above the toilet or simply on the bathroom wall.

If you don't have another bathroom, I highly recommend using any kind of small shallow shelf that you can install on the wall. 

Half bath under sink organization

In the basket, I have hair tools and brushes, nail care products, a hot roller set, and ingredients for the products that I make.

If you have guests over quite often, you can also use bins to store supplies for your guests, including toiletries, face cloths, and hand towels. 

3. Half bath medicine cabinet organization

Half bath medicine cabinet organization

In the medicine cabinet on the top shelf I have a kit for scissors and clips I use solely for trimming hair and a hair coloring kit for mixing and applying hair masks.

I have a comb, hairspray, and heat protectant there as well. 

Half bath medicine cabinet organization

On the shelf, I have cornstarch which I use with a makeup brush as dry shampoo. I also hold my styling clips and mini topsy tail in a little container.

Mini containers from the Dollar Tree hold hair ties, a bun maker, and brushes that clean the vents in your hair dryer. And another one holds mini hair elastics, bobby pins, and mini styling clips. 

Bathroom organization ideas

When it comes to discovering the bathroom organization ideas that work best for you and your family, take a look at the under sink cabinets and medicine cabinets you’re working with, then take inventory of all the products you’ll be storing.

Once these two action items are complete, you can start looking for affordable storage solutions at discount retailers near you.

And don’t forget to take advantage of any wall space you have in your bathrooms. Small, shallow shelves can easily be hung and used to store additional products in stylish bins and baskets.

Share your favorite organization products for your bathroom down below.

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  • Irene G Irene G on Aug 14, 2023

    I appreciated how one gets started getting organized---take a look at one's storage space first. Then take inventory of all the products you'll be storing. THEN go buy the bins, shelfs, containers that work best for one's situation. I've been approaching organization by jumping in buying the containers first. Makes sense first to see and plan working with the "big picture."