How to Organize Closets on a Budget

Vintage Style Gal
by Vintage Style Gal

Searching for how to organize closets on a budget? We share with you today how to organize closets on a budget Part I.

As you can see I picked up some hampers to help organize the disaster below.

Messy closet with clothes all over the floor

I was sick and tired of looking at this mess day in and day out.

Honestly, there is no excuse to have clothes all over the floor. Come on Cara, get with the organizing program! Do you recall when I said organizing is not exactly my forte? Remember our lovely bathroom closet? Well, I am so proud of myself because it has stayed organized since we completed that project. Can you believe it? I know, I am surprised myself! So, the thing I have learned is that I need storage items to keep me organized... or things like above happen. Not exactly conducive to staying organized and avoiding more stress when I cannot locate something quickly. I knew I needed some sort of storage piece, but the boxes I used in our bathroom were too small for what I had in mind. I looked high and low for large storage pieces. I did not find anything that struck my fancy or anything that was large enough.

Then one evening I was just meandering along, looking at many different things and came across these cute laundry hampers. I decided ohhh... closet storage and I will no longer have to look at that mess on the floor! Yeah for me! In the big scheme of things, the laundry hampers were the size I was looking for, and honestly were more cost effective for the budget I had in mind when searching for large storage items. Budget, budget, budget... I wish I did not have a budget, then I would totally have one of those designer closets you see on the telly... lol... oh well, keeping with a budget just makes me be more creative AND it is way more fun this way.

Storing purses in farmhouse hampers

I decided to use both hampers for my accessories... oh yeah, have I mentioned I am a collector of many accessories? Purses, socks, scarves... the list goes on and on... I decided to use the above hamper for my purses, they can all lay flat and I will not need to worry about leather straps getting a crimp in them from hanging on the hook I was using before. They are easily accessible too since the rest of my purses were thrown up on the shelves above. Not exactly the most organized way to store them plus they became dust collectors while laying on the shelves.

Storing socks in hamper in closet

I used the second hamper for all of my socks! I did mention beore I have a LOT of socks. As you can see, some even still have the tags on them! I had my socks in a decorative basket, but it was overflowing... a certain peanut would run in if the door was open and pick up a pair and run off. Many socks were lost to war with our kiddo.

One evening I came home and was in the closet, he went in behind me and ran off with a pair of socks... he decided under the bed was where he would take his new soft chew toy. I knew he had something and I decided to investigate. I know I have mentioned before, he gets pretty territorial of certain places and things... under the bed is one of those places. He was ticked I would even think to bother him with his new toy since the socks were claimed as HIS. He barked, showed me his teeth, but I did not think he would strike. Well, guess what? I was the dumb one there because he did!

Good thing he is cute and was still in the puppy phase because he may have found himself a one way ticket to another home. We "puppy proofed" under the bed so no more issues like this can happen.

Storage folks, we had to fill the space under our bed with storage to prevent him from getting under the bed. This kid can get me off track pretty quickly... one day, I will have to share with you how we prevent him from sliding under the bed Dukes of Hazzard style. I am so excited to get all of my mess cleaned up, while also knowing he cannot get into my socks any longer if the door is open for more than two seconds. Good thing Mr. VS has his own closet. I have my work cut out for me since this is only Part I of the closet make over. We have original shelves on the other side of the closet that we have placed several plastic drawers so they line the shelves. They hang over, as you can kind of see a glimpse of them along the left side of the closet. I am still working it out in my mind how to make over the other side, but I cannot wait for it to be completed since we all know I need help with organization to help keep me in line.

Still not perfect, but the mess is off the floor! I had to remove all of the extra hangers, that was driving me crazy!

What used to be my old overflowing sock storage, now houses some sweatshirts and lounge pants. Use what you have... I do this a lot and change things up around here often. Sometimes an item has a better use than what it has always been used for, you just have to look at it in a new light.

I cannot wait to show you the finished closet when I have it completed, lol. Now my socks will not be picked up by a certain pup in this home, and my purses will stay organized and dust free to boot. I love it when a plan comes together and I get better organized. Every morning when I have opened the closet door, I think ahhh... what a way to begin my day... no mess to look at and make me anxious thinking I should be really cleaning up the mess. It makes me so happy when things are all in their place.

Vintage Style Gal
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