How to Organize Your Home on a Budget With Temu

I'm going to show you how to organize your home on a budget. I'm a chaotic mess, but that's about to change. I need to organize my house, but I'm on a budget, so I've decided to give Temu's organization a go.

If you're not familiar with Temu, they're an online retailer. They have great quality products at a very, very low cost. Let's start organizing my house with some Temu products.

Cheese container


My kitchen needs major organization, so I first got a cheese container. 

I buy cheese in the package that rips, and I have to store it in a Ziploc baggie, which drives me crazy. Now I have this awesome little cheese container, and it's so small. No more wasting Ziploc baggies.

Next, I got a paper towel holder. It is very sturdy, and I think it was made out of steel. My husband installed this one underneath the cabinet for me with a bit of sticky tape. It is so sturdy and now my paper towels have a place to be.

Cleaning tools organizer

I also got a cleaning tools organizer. 

It is for your dustpan, your mop, and your broom. You hang them on the holders so they always have a place, out of the way.

I was more excited about the trash bag holder than anything. You hang it up on a wall, and it comes with a bit of stick-em that you hang on the wall with. It's right over the top of my trash can.  

Fridge door containers

For organizing your fridge, there are little containers to put in the door of your refrigerator. 

I decided that I was going to use these for the kids' snacks. I also put the boys' string cheese in these so they have healthy snack options right there in front of them when they open the door looking for a snack.

I love coffee mugs. I finally got something that could hold all of them up. It slides perfectly underneath the cabinet. 

The next item is also for the fridge. 

Mesh bag with garlic

It's a little mesh bag, and I keep my garlic pieces in it, so they don't get lost in the refrigerator. You can hang it right on the door.  

I love that everything I ordered for this organization comes with hooks and stick-ems. We don't have to worry about finding something to install these.


The next organizer is in the bathroom to hold hair brushes, the lint roller, and the toothpaste. I stuck it right on the wall, and it stuck perfectly.

Another one for the bathroom is a little storage container that you put on the wall. Of course, it comes with its stick-ems. 

Cotton swab holder

I have this hanging on the wall, and it holds cotton swabs. It's out of the way, freeing up counter space. 

I also love this sturdy metal shelf. It is tiered, which frees up counter space

In my home, I want to have feminine hygiene products available to anyone visiting my home. I don't want anybody to ask me for these, so I like to keep them out. I've been putting them on my windowsill so everybody can see them.

Now I have this awesome sturdy little shelf, and I'm going to set it right beside my toilet, above the toilet paper, so it's easy to access, and every lady that needs it can just grab it.  

Hair bow organizer

I desperately needed this hair bow organizer. 

It holds my hair bows, scrunchies, and ties, and I can pop one out.  

Another great bathroom organizer is a little hamper hanging on the back of a door. One side is flat and there are little hooks with stick-em on the back; you just stick it where you need it. It's very sturdy. I tugged on it, and it held.

Bathroom hamper

Another hamper is bigger and fits perfectly between my sink and toilet. 

I love the fabric, and I love the handles. 


I also got a little pop-up container I thought would be perfect for my bobby pins because I'll lose them all the time. Maybe now I won't lose so many bobby pins. My countertop looks so clean now. 

Makeup brush holder

Last but not least, a little makeup brush holder for the bathroom.


Temu has a variety of storage bags in every size you could possibly think of. I got every size from small, medium, and large to extra large. Our closets needed to be revamped, so we needed these storage baggies. 

They are so strong and of such good quality. 

Closet organization ideas

I organized my closet full of blankets with these.

Next up is a hat hook. You clip the hats to them and it keeps them organized.

Kids rooms

Now the boys' bedrooms need some help in the shoe organization department. I got a shoe organizer to hang up in their closet. It hangs up like a shirt does on a hanger. It worked perfectly, and it freed up their floor for more space. 

Shoe organizer

For a smaller closet, I got the kind of shoe organizer on the back of the door.


My biggest pet peeve is cords hanging everywhere, lying on the floor. No organization. I got neat organizers that hold them to the wall out of the way. 

How to organize your home on a budget

The next little doodad is a travel universal cable organizer bag.

I'm so thankful for this because it saved my sanity. It did because I could not stand cords lying everywhere. I love it. 

How to organize your home on a budget

Everything I've done is a start to organizing my home on a budget. My closets are neater, my bathroom is less cluttered, and my kitchen is more organized.

What areas in your home will you be organizing in the new year? Comment below to share your plans.

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  • Gerl Nucc Gerl Nucc on Jan 09, 2023

    Hi, yes these organizational items are nice, but being as frugal as I am, I repurpose items I already own. My budget is VERY limited, so I reuse empty jars, odd dishes (glasses, vases, mugs, etc.) With very little supplies you can make organizational systems, with a little imagination the possibilities are endless.

  • Bon103782583 Bon103782583 on May 21, 2024

    I bought several of the zipper containers. I wanted to organize my bedroom. I've got it started but not done yet