How to Organize Your Bathroom Closet

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Do you ever have the best of intentions when it comes to organization and fall short? That is me! My mother has a very organized home, she even has all of her shoes in plastic shoe boxes labeled in her closet!

Not sure what happened to me... I love it when things are organized and I try to keep it together, but it never seems to stay. I get busy and you just start to throw things in closets or drawers to keep things cleaned up.

I am trying to own 2021 in many ways, but organization is something I really hope sticks! I have a TJ Maxx card and I use it for everything, groceries, gas, literally everything. I just pay the statement every month to keep from paying interest on our purchases, and I gain points with all of my purchases. Over this past year since I am purchasing everything online the points racked up pretty quickly. And guess what that means? Free stuff for me! I love that part!

I went onto TJ Maxx's website and used my points and decided to purchase many organization boxes. My mom did this many years ago and her closets are in perfect order. When you open the closet, nothing falls out... not that I am saying that has happened here or anything... but it looks nice. She knows where everything is and can find it when she needs to quickly.

I nearly forgot a before picture and started to clear some of the shelves off. Don't worry I took a picture of everything that was in the closet piled up in the spare bedroom bed seen below.

Can you seriously believe all of this fit in that closet?

I started with the bath sheets since they are the largest and tri-folded each one and placed in the x-large box size. I was able to squeeze in 10 bath sheets. No more leaning tower of towels on the shelves and I do not have to look at all of the mismatched colors anymore either.

I threw all of my disposable razor cartridges into the small and medium tins.

Soaps went into the large tin.

One of the large boxes houses all of our hand towels. I could fit 2 stacks in the large size box, 8 in each stack.

Washcloths went into the other striped tote. I just made 2 stacks, and piled them in.

In the small box, I stored all of the extras we have, toothpaste and extra creams (Covid has made me hoard certain things lol, so I have a few extras around here now.) Can't recall what goes where? I came up with an idea so I know what is in each storage box which you can find here.

Now here is what the shelves look like and I am so thankful the boxes fit on the shelves. You would have thought I would have measured, but it did not occur to me... you know the planner I am... I am glad I purchased different sizes. I purchased the covered boxes, they are all gray, in sizes small ($7.99), large ($12.99), and x-large ($16.99) from TJ Maxx. The striped totes came from Amazon, 2 for $22.99. The totes have wire walls covered with the striped material. They seem like they will hold up with daily use.

The large box on bottom are the bath sheets I folded up inside, toilet paper next to it, the next striped tote up is where the washcloths are stored, more bath sheets in the x-large box, then the top has the tins, a large box full of hand towels, and the small box has the smalls (toothpaste, etc...).

I purchased these tins many years ago from TJ Maxx.

I put the toilet paper in this tote (which came from Amazon) since there was not a lid or structured sides, I will be able to store more in this tote. I am going to diligently try to keep this closet organized and everything in it's place. I love when I open the door everything looks clean. Most importantly for me, I do not have to look at all of the mismatched colors. When we got married, we decided on this bath being gray, white, and yellow. The walls dictated what we did with this bath, think old 1950's bath. I had a love/hate relationship with it at first, but once the wallpaper came down and we installed the Carrera marble floors, I loved the end result. What do you think? Any storage solutions you would like to share with us? We are all ears and love a good story or two.

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  • Gbe69776730 Gbe69776730 on Oct 11, 2022

    Now label the boxes so family members know what is in each box. I have used cardboard upright magazine files in bathroom cabinet for soap bars, toothpaste/toothbrushes, and shampoo/lotions. Keeps things tidy and contained.