This Airy 300-Sqft Apartment is Filled With Plants & Cats

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Enrico, an Italian architect, makes the most of a 300-square-foot apartment in Buenos Aires. With careful planning and designing, even the smallest spaces can offer more than enough. Enrico shows us how he managed to make the most of his space.

It was essential for Enrico to have lots of sunlight and fresh air so he wanted an apartment with large windows he could leave open. The apartment features two balconies, one of which has a spiral staircase leading to a rooftop terrace.

He used recycled wood to build a pergola on the rooftop. The outdoor spaces are a valuable extension of the home.

The space is an L-shaped studio apartment with an open-plan living and bedroom space. You enter the apartment into the kitchen. The color palette and materials used in the apartment are very simple. This helps to avoid making the space feel visually heavy.

Almost everything in the apartment was either made by Enrico or acquired secondhand. He designed and built a custom-made platform bed with built-in storage to convert part of the open living area into the bedroom.

The apartment is filled with plants and cats

He also built a floor-to-ceiling bookcase to separate the bedroom from the living area. When he moves to a new apartment he can easily disassemble and reassemble the shelf structure.

Enrico believes that spaces should be flexible to adapt to different situations and needs. He designed his furniture to be flexible and easy to assemble and dismantle. When things can be moved around it allows for more fluid spaces and clear paths.

300 sqft apartment tour

When you are dealing with limited space, versatility is everything. Finding multiple uses for single items is a helpful hack. Enrico and his three cats have truly made the most of the space they have available.

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