Is This Micro Tiny House the Smallest Home We've Seen Yet?

by Simplify

We are taking you on a tour of Romans' micro tiny house on wheels. This home currently serves as a guest house and it’s also mobile since it’s so small. The house measures 11.6 feet wide by 7.2 feet deep and it only weighs 3,300 pounds.

When the house is parked, it has a cozy outdoor seating area and umbrella set up. Next to the tiny house is a tiny sauna, which is a great addition for the winter. It’s perfect for two people.

Inside the tiny house, you walk directly into the entry with a little open closet. The bottom of the closet holds the off-grid system, solar battery, and water boiler to run the home. The hybrid water heater runs on gas/electricity.

Chairs and a table all hang on the wall and are taken down and opened up when needed. Under the table is a tiny gas heater that keeps the space very warm and cozy. In the living room, the L-shaped sofa transforms quickly into a bed.

This tiny house can sleep three people! There’s a top bunk bed over the regular bed that’s just as large and durable as a regular single bed. The net over on the side of the bed keeps someone from rolling off the bed while sleeping.

Turning a sofa into a bed

Though there’s no television, there’s a portable projector with built-in speakers that does a great job of playing movies off a smartphone anywhere in the space.

The tiny home has a kitchen and bathroom, both outfitted with essentials, including a regular-sized shower and composting toilet.

Micro tiny house

This micro tiny house has everything the owners need. Do you think you could stay in a tiny home like this? Let us know in the comments.

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