This Tiny House in Singapore is a Hybrid Work & Living Space

by Simplify

This tiny house in Singapore is a reinterpretation of a traditional shophouse design. Instead of having a street-level shop and an upper living space, the space is split into work and living areas that co-exist side by side, attached, but are also independent of each other.

The unit used to be a single residential unit with two bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. By making use of a structural wall to act as a division and removing some ceiling in order to add a sleeping loft, these two architects turned it into two separate living and working spaces that share an entry foyer, making for the shortest commute to work ever!

When you walk into the shared foyer, one set of glass sliding doors leads to the office while the other leads to the workspace. In addition to sharing a foyer, the two spaces are also connected by the loft window, which opens up onto the office and also provides the loft with a nice breeze.

The living room is below a sloped high ceiling and the couch becomes a bed. Low-level lighting creates a sense of elegance.

The tiny house is a hybrid work and living space

The custom built-in space marker doubles as a walk-in closet on one side and kitchen shelves for coffee and other items on the other, dividing the living room from the dining room and kitchen area. The kitchen is under the window and has a stainless steel sink with an under-counter storage area on the side.

The office space has three tables that combine to make an extended open-space desk and is equipped with a compact bathroom that includes a shower, an island that acts as a coffee area, and a simple kitchen with an integrated hob and oven that overlooks the building courtyard.

Singaporean tiny house

The intelligent and sleek design of this Singaporean tiny house shows how living and working spaces can coexist side by side.

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