Smart & Creative Small Apartment Ideas in Krakow

by Simplify

Karolina Chodur and Malwina Borowiec are Polish architects who designed an amazing little apartment in Krakow, full of light and plants. They got inspiration and small apartment ideas from modern Belgian architects whose works are simple, but with a twist.

Their task was to divide the living area into several zones without adding any new walls. This was achieved by using furniture as barriers between the zones. All the furniture is movable to allow for changes to the layout in the future.

The apartment is located in Krakow, Poland

The main piece is a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf, which separates the living room from the bedroom. The lower part consists of drawers that can be accessed from both sides. A long balcony also has two entrances, from the living room and the bedroom.

The bed is integrated with the bookcase. One of the great small apartment storage ideas that Karolina and Malwina implemented was raising the bedframe to create more space underneath. There is a desk by the bed, with a plug-in pendant lamp suspended from the ceiling. The desk also folds down and acts as a shelf when not in use.

The entrance zone is laid with gray tiles, while the rest of the apartment is oak parquet. There is a projector screen mounted on the ceiling, which can be pulled down for movie nights.

The main source of lighting is the spot lamps on the ceiling, which can be pointed in different directions. There are also several smaller lamps for a cozier feeling in the evenings.

Small apartment ideas

Karolina and Malwina set out to make the space look as large as possible, and they definitely made it happen with all the light and creative architectural decisions. Without changing the floor plan, they managed to create a wonderful modern apartment in a developing area of Krakow.

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