10 Simple & Minimalist Life Hacks for Your Home

by Simplify

Dawn, The Minimal Mom, says the most important reason to become a minimalist is because it puts you in control over your stuff and not the other way around. This, in turn, saves you time and the stress that comes along with having a messy, unorganized home.

So, to help you make your house even more functional and less stressful than it already is, Dawn is sharing her 10 favorite life hacks for your home today.

Number one on Dawn’s list of minimalist hacks is making your own drawers by using containers. This helps you organize your cabinets and not lose items near the back. Plus, it makes it a lot easier to access everything you store.

Other home hacks Dawn recommends include befriending boundaries—by simplifying down to what actually fits inside a space—condensing and containing items on a single tray for display, and having a donation box or bin in every single closet in your house to make donating items even easier.

Dawn also suggests other home organization hacks such as having a time will tell bin for any loose papers in your home, performing a clothing experiment by seeing how many pieces of clothing you actually need, discarding duplicate items around your home, and getting rid of the bulk of kid’s toys.

Minimalist life hacks for your home

Moreover, practices like the two-minute tidy and asking yourself if you would still buy an item even if no one ever saw it are great minimalist organization hacks that can help you stay focused on your journey toward minimalism.

Minimalist life hacks for your home

According to Dawn, these life hacks for home work wonders when it comes to reducing the inventory of items in our space. By implementing these life hacks for home, we can reduce our stress and keep our home tidy in an absolutely risk-free way.

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