How to Save Money at Sam's Club

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by Lori | Home Made Simple

Sam’s Club membership can be a huge money saver, but there is also risk involved, considering that some of their prices are actually higher than in other places.

So let’s talk about how to save money at Sam’s Club and make the most of your membership. Stay tuned for my best Sam’s Club tips, including how to get a membership for only $20.

So what should and what should you not buy at Sam’s Club?

Do buy:

1. Pepper

A large container of pepper is $14 at Walmart and only $5.28 at Sam’s. If you can save that much money on just one purchase of one spice, think about how much you can save if you add that up over the year.

2. Baking supplies

Sam's Club has a huge variety of baking goods and supplies. I do not buy my flour here because all of the options are bleached and I would prefer to use unbleached flour, but you can find so many great deals on this aisle.

Baking soda is one, for sure. You can make your own brown sugar, but if you are buying, Sam’s is the place to be. At $7, less than a dollar a pound, this is a really great deal. The powdered sugar is a really good deal here, too.


3. Nuts

The nuts are probably the best deal out of all. Every bag that I have ever purchased at Sam's has been the highest quality. They are fresh, non-GMO, and only cost $7.50 for a huge three-pound bag. They have walnuts, almonds sliced and whole, and pecan halves.

4. Oils

I try to stay away from oils like vegetable oil or canola oil and prefer to use olive oil or avocado oil. Sam's Club is a great place to find those kinds of oils at a huge discounted price. A large container of avocado oil is less than $10, and a huge 2 liter container of organic olive oil is only $18.

5. Sauces

The sauces and mixes, salad dressings, and other similar things might be tricky, so make sure to check out the competitive prices at Walmart or Aldi for the specific items you are looking for.

My family loves Sonny's barbecue sauce, which is a gigantic 84 ounce container for less than $8.


6. Dishwashing powder

This product is an absolute life saver. It is not the cheapest option, but definitely the most effective, and Sam’s Club offers the best price on it.

7. Disposable items

I try to avoid buying a lot of disposable items like paper towels, napkins, or disposable cups and plates, but I do see good deals on things like Charmin and Northern here at Sam's. If you have the room for 32 rolls of toilet paper, Sam's might be the perfect place for you to buy that.

8. Dairy

The milk is going to be much cheaper than anywhere else that you can find it, and butter, half-and-half, sour cream, and even cream cheese are also great deals.

9. Frozen fruit

Organic options only cost $10 per three pound bag, so definitely go to Sam’s for frozen fruit.

10. Produce

Both refrigerated and fresh produce are a great buy at Sam’s. They have a great choice, everything is fresh, and things like lettuce, spinach, and coleslaw, go for a huge discount compared to even Aldi or Walmart.


11. Meat

Non-GMO chicken breast costs around $4 a pound, and regular goes for just over $2.50 a pound. I have also been happy with the hamburger meat. I purchase these large chubs, cut them up into smaller portions, and had plenty of meat for the month for just under $40.

12. Pet food

This is a great place to come for affordable dog food and cat food. I can always find good, high-quality, well-made dog food here for cheap.

13. Clothes

Although the prices do not compare to yard sales or thrift stores, if you are looking for a particular clothing item, Sam's Club is really a good place to start your search. Their clothing is high quality and really reasonably priced.

14. Gift cards

Sam’s Club gift cards are an amazing deal. Some gift cards are only going to be a couple of dollars off of the total value, but some are going to be $20 or $25 less than the face value of the gift card that you find.

At Sam's Club

15. Glasses

Sam’s Club offers great deals on lenses and frames, and a plus membership will give you an additional 20% off.

16. Gas

Before you leave your Sam’s Club, do not forget to fuel up your car. I am normally able to save anywhere from 15 to 20 cents a gallon on Sam's Club gasoline and I have never had any kind of issue with the quality or the performance of my car as a result.

Don’t buy:

1. Pre-packaged baking mixes

I always recommend putting these together on your own, which will be much cheaper, but if you do buy pre-packaged mixes, Aldi offers a better price.

2. Breakfast foods

For breakfast foods, Sam’s Club is really disappointing. They only have the name brand, and the prices are often higher than at Walmart or Aldi.

3. Frozen foods

Most of Sam’s frozen foods are very highly processed and very much convenience foods that we can make easily at home for a lot less and with more control over the ingredients. These are definitely overpriced.

At Sam's Club

4. Snacks

The snack section at Sam's Club is either great or terrible, depending on your situation that day. At Sam’s, the snacks come in huge 20 pound bags, which, I have to admit, go for a great price.

So if you are looking for a specific snack that your family already likes, and you want to get a lot of it, go for it. However, if you want to try something new or only buy a little, choose a different store.

5. Diapers

If you have a baby, wipes and diapers are always on the list. I have recently discovered that Walmart's store brand diapers are actually cheaper than the store brand here at Sam's Club. By shopping at Walmart, you can save about five cents per diaper, which really adds up.

And my final tip is getting Sam’s Club membership for just $20 instead of $50. Use this link to get one and enjoy!

How to save money at Sam's Club

How do you save money at Sam's club? Share your tips and your favorite products to purchase at Sam’s Club in the comments!

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