Why This Musician Decided to Build a Tiny Home in Her Backyard

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Want to build a tiny home in your backyard? Annie, a musician, and instructor based out of Portland, Oregon, has made the tiny home lifestyle her ultimate reality over the last couple of years. She even went so far as to name her tiny home the Green Dream. And she not only lives in this cute and cozy space, but she also teaches music workshops in it as well.

Annie plays a number of musical instruments

Can I put a tiny home in my backyard too? Of course, you can. As long as local ordinances allow it, anyone can build a tiny home in a backyard for minimal cost and really enjoy the benefits of living small and saving big. And those benefits are many according to Annie.

Annie’s Green Dream may be small in stature, but it’s certainly big on perks too. Her living area has just enough room to store her keyboard and her many music books, a sliding ladder that goes up to her loft area, a closet, and a storage bin for clothes.

Annie also has a music area where she keeps all of her instruments and music gear, a couch that is actually made out of three tables and a mattress, and an additional storage space above.

Wondering how to build a tiny home in your backyard? Annie recommends building one out of cedar just like she did. It’s a lighter wood that is resistant to both mold and decomposition.

Building a tiny home in a backyard

For Annie, deciding to build a tiny home in a backyard was mainly about living lighter on the land. While it’s challenging to host larger gatherings, she can look past the downsides to tiny living.

And she still hopes to add in features like skylights, a grey water recycling system, and a private space for writing and creating in the future.

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  • Lisa Lisa on Oct 27, 2022

    I moved into a she shed I had in my backyard for guests when the ceiling collapsed in my bedroom. Although that’s been fixed I still sleep in my she shed at night. Not sure when that will change.. I enjoyed seeing your tiny home!