This Silo Used to Store Grain, Now It's a Rustic DIY Silo Home

by Simplify

This DIY silo home was once used to store grain, but now it’s a cozy Airbnb. The silo was already on-site when the developers decided to turn it into a funky tiny home. Because the silo was meant to store food and protect it from the elements, the building was already weathertight and had built-in insulation, making it convenient to turn it into a residential unit.

In this video, you can take a virtual tour and check out some silo conversion ideas:

The developers added to the original structure to create a bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, but they kept the silo aesthetic, with faux brick and repurposed materials that give the space a vintage feel. The original silo interior also makes ample use of reclaimed materials, such as the arms from old power poles and barnwood for the ceiling beams, adding warmth and texture.

The tiny countertop fridge and freezer matches the blue chairs in the lounge area, while the wooden countertops go with the wooden ceiling and barnhouse aesthetic. An electric cooktop can be stored when not in use, and there’s a coffee maker too. The kitchen features a window with a beautiful view of a greenhouse on the property.

The silo used to store grain

The bedroom has a queen-size bed and is set apart from the lounge and kitchen area by curtains that can be drawn back for a more open-space feel. The bed is vintage, and is framed by paneling made from new wood that was made to look weathered. The ceilings have corrugated metal, making them almost sound-proof.

The bedroom and bathroom are full of repurposed DIY touches, from the reclaimed wooden floor to the old windows turned into mirrors, to the old railroad spike hangers, to the old barn door that was turned into a sliding door to separate the bedroom from the bathroom.

DIY silo home

This unique DIY silo home getaway shows that tiny homes can be a great vacation experience.

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