This Expandable Tiny Home is Perfect For Mother & Teen Daughter

by Simplify

When Reggie got divorced, she knew that she wanted two things: 1) homeownership and 2) stability for her and her daughter. She found both with her expandable tiny home, which is parked on her parents’ property. This allows Reggie to stay in her hometown, while her daughter continues to attend the same school and can stay close to her group of friends.

As a carer for her mom, it was important to Reggie to do everything via the proper legal channels and follow all the paperwork for the permits to park on her parents’ property, even when the process was long and tedious. Today, she is able to help her mom by driving her to and from doctors’ appointments, creating a win-win situation for the entire family.

Reggie’s expanding tiny home has a clean farmhouse aesthetic, with a dutch door that lets in the California breeze. It was important to Reggie to have a home that reflects her aesthetic sensibilities. That’s why she imported her home from the Mint Tiny House Company, which is based in Canada. The company took care of all the paperwork for her, though it did add on $6,000 worth of costs in paperwork and customs fees.

The expansions to Reggie’s home were professionally installed and will have to be removed if she decides to take her home on the road, but they provide a living room alcove with room for a full couch where Reggie and her daughter can snuggle and watch TV, plus a spacious bedroom for Reggie.

Family photographs displayed on the wall

The home also has high ceilings, which Reggie uses to display family photographs and other items. The drop-leaf table is the perfect small-space hosting solution, allowing her to host up to eight people in her expandable tiny home for holidays and other festive occasions.

This tiny home layout includes a bathroom with a full shower and a mirror, which was important to both Reggie and her daughter. It has a compost toilet that looks and feels like a “regular” toilet.

Living in a tiny house with a teenager can be a challenge. Reggie’s daughter has her own loft bedroom with a wall for privacy, providing a place where she can hang out with friends. The wall doubles as storage space for her daughter’s clothes and other items, though Reggie notes that her daughter generously allowed her one shelf for books.

Expandable tiny home

This beautiful tiny home allows Reggie and her daughter to have a space they are proud to call their own. Reggie’s daughter loves bringing friends over to hang out in her expandable tiny home; they’re impressed by its compact beauty and love taking photos within its Instagram-worthy walls.

Her story shows how having a tiny home that expands can be a great living solution for a small family.

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