This Couple Downsized to a Tiny House With Their Saint Bernard

by Simplify

Jenna from Tiny Tours visits the Acony Bell tiny house community in North Carolina. There, Cate and Brian live with their Saint Bernard dog, Jack, in their tiny home named “Faith.” The couple used to have a large home but recently downsized to a tiny house. They feel happier and freer after their tiny house downsizing.

Cate explains that she grew up poor. Growing up in poverty gave her this mindset that if only she owned more, she would be happy. After she made money selling her books, Cate and Brian decided to buy a large home, and fill it with their dream furniture and items.

They waited and waited for the house of their dreams to bring them happiness, but they kept feeling more stressed out instead. Finally, they sold their home and moved into a tiny house. Now, they feel freer, more blessed, and happier. Brian can even get away with working less since they have fewer expenses.

When designing their home, function was key for Cate and Brian. That’s why their living room, although cozy and homey, has sofa cushions that hide storage. The kitchen is at the center of the tiny house, at the heart of the home, and sits right next to a massive closet.

Saint Bernard dog

There is also a table and chairs for gathering and enjoying family meals. The bathroom has quartz countertops, a bathtub, and a large bowl sink with farmhouse vibes.

On either side of the home is a loft. The stairs to the loft were built by a neighbor in the tiny house community. The stairs open (and the bottom two pull out as well) for extra storage.

One loft is the boys’ room. Cate and Brian have two grown-up sons in the military. When they aren’t home, their room becomes Cate’s office. The other side is the master bedroom.

Downsizing to a tiny house

Brian and Cate found that downsizing to a tiny house brought them happiness and freedom. Sometimes cutting back on what we own is more enjoyable than owning too much. What can you downsize in your life? Let us know in the comments.

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  • RCANE RCANE on Feb 25, 2023

    I live in a 550 sq ft home and absolutely love it. I’ve lived in much larger homes and wouldn’t go back for anything. I have a half acre of land in a beautiful forested setting. There are 4 other identical homes in the complex but I’m the only one who lives here full time. My neighbours typically are only here on the weekends year round. It’s such a tranquil paradise. The affordability and financial freedom that comes with it is priceless! And I no longer have the stress of a larger high maintenance house and all the financial strain that comes with the higher maintenance costs. Not to mention I have so much more free time with less cleaning, maintenance etc. I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m absolutely delighted with my downsize.

  • Jackie Stumpf Mcintyre Jackie Stumpf Mcintyre on Mar 21, 2023

    I too have a very small house but I was in a 21 ft camper with one other and it was toooo small