Space-saving Inspiration: Check Out These Awesome Tiny Home Stairs

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Alyssa gives us a tour of her tiny home with the most unique, space-saving tiny home stairs.

Alyssa and her husband Danny moved with their 3 daughters to a plot of land in Colorado, where they built and rented out tiny homes for vacationers. They created their homestead so they could be around full time while raising their children.

Alyssa and Danny have created tiny homes in a variety of styles. The Aspen model has some innovative features.

The tiny home cost just under $100,000 to build. It is 24 feet long and 8 feet wide but it doesn’t feel small on the inside. With high ceilings, white walls, and multiple skylights the home is airy and spacious.

Instead of making a regular staircase or a ladder to the loft, the couple got creative in their planning. They built out a 2-foot extension for a spiral staircase. This floor plan allows for a lot more space than tiny homes with regular stairs.

The entire property runs completely off-grid. With portable solar panels and a composting toilet, the home is built to minimize the carbon footprint.

They used wood from their property to create the barn wood siding on the outside of the home and the wooden countertop on the inside. Their love and respect for the land are apparent in the design of the home.

The tiny home features a spiral staircase

Making the home available to guests on Airbnb brings in a variety of travelers. The family loves that their rentals allow them to meet new and interesting people. In turn, their guests give them great feedback on the tiny house.

Living on their homestead and renting out tiny homes this family has everything they need. They enjoy living simply. Best of all Alyssa and Danny are happy to be around as full-time parents.

Tiny home stairs

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