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Hobbits are creatures from the Lord of the Rings that love nature, beauty and simplicity.

Joe, and his dog Luna, from Sevierville, Tennessee custom designed and built hobbit house tiny homes, along with his nephew and partner, Justin. They have five Lord of the Rings hobbits house in their “mini-Shire” named Mountain Shire.

It took Joe, Justin, and Luna a few years to get the land cleared and the water put in, because of Covid-19 delays. But, now, Mountain Shire is open for guests!

Joe explains that young professionals often rent the space for a relaxing “work-from-home” type vacation.

Mountain Shire is separated from the “real world” by a hobbit wall, enhanced with stacked cedar logs. The wall has a door, and a shorter hobbit door.

Once you enter Mountain Shire, there’s a lovely outdoor space with a communal fire pit, and lots of nature, including fish tanks and waterfalls.

One of the hobbit houses is called The Green Man, named after the huge person-shaped on the front door.

Joe built the Green Man hobbit house using humongous river stones from Smoky Mountain as a foundation. The outdoor walls are enhanced with custom-cut cedar and log rounds and lavender boxwood. 

The tiny home is inspired by hobbit houses from Lord of the Rings

Inside, the space is full of nature and relaxing, with a wooden branch as a door handle, an antler shaped chandelier, and a cozy couch with a view. Much of the wood used in the house came from a 90-year old tobacco barn. 

The Woodland is another hobbit house, named for the figurines of woodland creatures that grace the space.

It has a stunning view, an oil door knocker, and is framed with textured wooden beams, freshly cut. Upstairs, there is a vaulted roof and a cozy, private sleeping space with a great view of the woods.

Serenity is a hobbit house designed in the style of a modern day spa, and with an old world English village feel.

Inside, it boasts floral art, bamboo, sparkly, light chandeliers and a curved roof. The open floor plan makes it easy, breezy, and relaxing. The kitchen arch was crafted from willow vines, and the loft railing made from grapevine.

Joe is currently working on renovating a used tiny home, painting the door purple, adding textured wood, and designing it as a dragon-themed hobbit home.

Which hobbit home is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

Hobbit house tiny home

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  • Usa14088712 Usa14088712 on Mar 05, 2023

    Very cool place; can't wait to see how the Dragon House come out--love dragons! Just wondering how much traffic noise there is since its right off a highway?

  • Susan Susan on Nov 16, 2023

    I am so inspired by this man. He is so creative and resourceful. Many of us have great ideas, but putting them together is another story. Bravo!