Smart Tiny House Tour

by Simplify

Tiny houses are a great way to save money, leave a small footprint behind, and live a simpler life.

But, did you know that you can build a smart tiny house and have plenty of storage features too? It may sound incredible, but it’s true.

The Halcyon tiny house model home from Fritz Tiny Homes shows you just how possible it is to build a smart home 28 ft long, 13.5 ft high, and 8.5 ft wide. 

Knowing how important living space is in any home, the designers of this model were sure to include a traditional-style couch for plenty of sitting space.

The Gemini by Resource Furniture became the perfect furniture piece for The Halcyon because it converts into bunk beds—with two adult twin-sized mattresses popping up in a matter of seconds.

The eating and office space in this model home give dual-purpose living a whole new meaning. From sharing a snack to sending an email or playing a card give, this dedicated space showcases some of the smart tiny house storage ideas incorporated into this home.

By sliding the two stools out of the way, homeowners are able to access large sliding drawers built into the cabinets.

The tiny house comes with lots of hidden storage

Other tiny house storage hacks these designers used throughout the home include a front hall closet hidden inside a small storage cabinet, a gorgeous hutch with pull-out drawers, and low-profile kitchen cabinets surrounded by large windows that give the entire room a more open vibe.

You may be wondering how to do a drop loft floor in such a small space. But these designers show us that having plenty of headroom in a tiny home loft is possible.

Believe it or not, you can walk upright in this loft. Now that makes for one smart tiny house!

Smart tiny house

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For more videos, check out the Exploring Alternatives YouTube channel.

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  • Pam Pam on Feb 23, 2023

    VERY interested in the Halycon tiny house. if I could get a website and info on how to order and the cost , I would be most appreciative . Also any info on where these can be delivered to . this may be my new home

    thanks for your time and info

    Pamela Foss

    • Kassi Kassi on Jan 29, 2024

      The Halycon is made by Fritz Tiny Homes. Hope this helps. 🙂