Take a Tour of This Couple's Romantic Custom Van Dwelling

by Simplify

John and Carly have turned their van dwelling into a romantic woodsy paradise.

John was the first van lifer that Carly ever met, but soon it was clear to both of them that Carly would be moving in with John into his tiny home on wheels.

Van dwelling with a pop-top camper

The van is a pop-top camper, built from custom wooden rays that add 16 inches of height, so that even John, who is 6 foot 4, can stand in the van without bumping his head. However, John built the pop top alone in a desert, which is something he definitely does not recommend!

The wooden interior of the van gives it a cozy, homey feeling. There are other homey touches throughout, such as a whiteboard where Carly, who is a photographer, sticks polaroid pictures; and John’s guitar, which is proudly displayed on the wall and securely fastened using wall hangers.

This couple lives nomadically and works on the road. Carly is an adventure coordinator and photographer, while John is a social media expert and web developer. Therefore, they need good internet access in the van in order to work and use the Starlink internet system, which is a favorite for RVers and van lifers.

Carly and John’s van runs on solar power and is equipped with a 30-gallon freshwater tank. There is a small butane stove and because they cook almost every meal, John and Carly go through about a canister of butane a week. There is also a small, top-loading fridge that is half the cost of the average Dometic fridge, and lives below the counter, allowing John and Carly to maximize their counter space.

The van has a table that the couple use as both a dining and office space, with upholstered seating for hanging out and watching movies, which has become a priority for John and Carly since they started living together.

John and Carly also have some clever storage hacks, such as maximizing under-bed storage, and stuffing pillowcases with clothing and using them as decorative pillows.

Van dwelling

This loved-up couple is enjoying nomadic living together, in their van dwelling paradise.

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