Take a Look Inside This Cool Greyhound Bus Conversion

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Tracy and Chris love life on the road. They decided to trade in their comfortable home in Canada for a Greyhound bus turned into a home. Now, they use their Greyhound bus conversion to escape Canada’s brutal winters for the heat and views of the desert.

They are thrilled with their Greyhound bus conversion and their on-the-go lifestyle. Join them on a tour of their Greyhound bus converted into a home.

Tracy explains that she felt they were able to incorporate their whole life into their small Greyhound bus home. They were able to build their home luxuries into their bus, gleaning from their new home all the benefits of their previous lifestyle, and all the benefits of being on the road.

The bus is designed around comfort and beauty with panoramic windows that let the couple see the natural vistas surrounding them while they prepare dinner or relax in bed.

The kitchen is relatively spacious with two high countertops on both sides (they needed to be extra deep to incorporate the bus’s windows) and a large aisle in between.

The large aisle was a necessity, since Roma, the couple’s dog, travels with them wherever they go. The kitchen also has a propane stove, although Chris and Tracy usually end up preparing dinner on the grill outdoors.

The bus’s sofa is cozy and homey and pulls out to a queen size bed. Nearby is the bathroom. The couple carefully tiled their shower — against the advice of people who said it would crack on the road. They haven’t had any problems with the tile and are happy they made that decision.

The bedroom is equally luxurious with a huge, comfy, king-size bed with storage underneath. Additional storage is available on the two bedside tables and in the spacious closet (built where the bathroom used to be on the Greyhound bus).

Greyhound bus

The Greyhound bus conversion also has plenty of storage below the living area of the bus. There, Tracy and Chris keep their diesel tank, heater, generator, water system, pantry, and an extra fridge for overflow food storage.

Tracy and Chris live it large on the road half of the year. During the cold Canadian winters, they go mobile in their Greyhound bus conversion and rent out their house as an Airbnb.

In the summer, the couple holds down ordinary jobs from their home in Canada, which allows them to finance their on-the-go lifestyle.

Greyhound bus conversion

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