My Dollar Tree Holiday Haul: The Best Festive Items to Grab Now

Let's dive right into my Christmas shopping haul. I found some fantastic deals on Dollar Tree holiday items for stocking stuffers, gift ideas, and some random things that I think are great. Dollar Tree holiday decor is also fantastic.

Cupcake dough molds

Molding kits

I found two molding kits in the kid's toys section, so I thought this was an amazing deal. One comes with two sand and one glitter, and three molds. You can make little glitter unicorns with it.

In the other one, you have three pieces of dough, two molds, and one tool to make little cupcakes. I thought this was just so adorable. 

Poppers at Dollar Tree


I'm finally happy to see Pop Its at my local Dollar Trees. You can also find them at five below. I thought it was a nice stocking stuffer or an addition to a gift basket, or just for the heck of it. I don't think you can go wrong with these poppers. 

Wet n Wild Mega Clear Brow & Lash mascara

Wet n Wild Mega Clear Brow & Lash mascara

I love this Wet n Wild Mega Clear Brow & Lash mascara. This is great for combing down my brow hairs because they are long and make them look nice and sleek. This is great to have in any makeup collection, or again, it can make a great stocking stuffer or in addition to a beauty makeup gifts basket. 

Haribo gummy bears

Gummy bears

I picked up these gummy bears for my cousins. It's one of their favorite candies. Dollar Tree has a large selection of name-brand snacks and candy, so you can't go wrong there.

They have little cellophane bags and little treat bags that you can just put in a random assortment of candies and little goodies. They also have little pencils and toys. I think that would be cute as well.

Holiday signs at Dollar Tree

Holiday signs 

I'm surely obsessed with my dogs. They are my fur babies, Marshmallow and Coco. When I went to Dollar Tree, I was surprised to see many pet-related Christmas signs in the decor section. I wanted to buy it all. 

The first sign says, "Dear Santa, Don't Forget About the Dog." The second sign I got says, "Here Comes Santa Paws." I also have stockings for my dogs that I fill with little treats and wet food during Christmas.

Dollar Tree holiday candy


Some other items I got were the six-pack of Skittles. Again, get some little treat bags. You can distribute it like that or in people's stockings and keep one for yourself. 

I picked up Twizzlers, the red and black licorice. If you plan to go the goodie bag route, it is best to get it individually wrapped. If you can't, you can always put this in its little cellophane bag, tie up the ribbon, and maybe add a bow to make it a little more festive. I think that would be an adorable idea.

Dollar Tree nail polish

Nail polish

The next item I thought was such a fantastic steal. I got these two bottles of L.A. Colors nail polish. I got dark purple and then this blue and purple glitter. I also got glitter hot pink with this polka dot sparkle design.

I don't know what it's called. It's not glitter, but it just has dots of confetti in there. It's a great deal to add to your nail polish collection or to have you want to do some festive nails for the holidays. 

Dog toys and accessories at Dollar Tree

Dog toys and accessories 

I appreciated how Dollar Tree was thinking of the dogs this 

year. So I got this little happy birthday toy for a Marshmallow. Coco's birthday is also coming up, so I also got her a happy birthday toy. Super cute.

Pet outfits at Dollar Tree

I got Coco this little pet tutu. I thought it was just so cute and just so girly. I've been looking for one for her, but I wasn't going to spend $20. I found it at a Dollar Tree, and they also have the color blue. 

They also had this little banner that said, "Let’s Pawty" and they had little paw prints on the hat. So I thought that's super cute to have for little dogs. I don't have any children. They are my children. I also have a little banner that says Happy Birthday with different dogs. So I just thought that was super cute and festive. 

Christmas decor at Dollar Tree

Christmas decor

I want to do a very glam pink and silver theme this year for my Christmas backdrop. Last year I did something more traditional, but I love pink and silver together. So I got this little tree to put in my background.

I also got the little dollar Tree Christmas tree. They have them in green and white. So I will use the white one in the background this year. 

Car air fresheners at Dollar Tree

Car air freshener 

Cool Scents is my favorite car air freshener. The scent is cherry. It is very strong, so if you don't like heavy scents, it's probably not the one for you. They also have like another one, in the blue can. It's a little bit lighter, but it works well and will last for days in my car. So I highly recommend it. 

Kids toys and stocking stuffers at Dollar Tree

Kids toys

They have a little light-up ball for only a dollar. I thought that was 

pretty cute to put in a little gift basket or something. Not too sure what I'm going to do with it. I just like adding little things in a little gift basket. 

The next item was also found at Target in the Target dollar spot area. It's an LED Glow Party Pack. You get 62 pieces, which is a lot when you have a lot of people in your family or a lot of kids to buy for. I just thought this was super cute. 

We got this modeling dough for $3. Again, I'm going to distribute it. You get eight colors in there, so you can make this into four goody bags, like two each, or you can make eight. 

Dollar Tree holiday haul

That was it for my Dollar Tree holiday haul. I hope you got some ideas for Dollar Tree holiday gifts to help you stretch your money further this year. Which item was your favorite? Comment below; we love to hear from you!

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  • Daisy@TX Daisy@TX on Dec 26, 2022

    Thank you for the ideas.

  • Bev Hoff Bev Hoff on Apr 19, 2023

    I have dispensed "glow in the dark" items on Halloween (more safety, less candy). I find even older kids in traditionally dark costumes will wear them. Most will keep from one year to the next if not activated.