5 Easy Shed Organization Ideas

Shed organization may not be at the top of your list of priorities, but keeping your tools organized will make your life easier.

When you have your tools and supplies organized, you know what materials you have for completing your projects.

This means you won't waste money purchasing things you already have because you couldn't find them. I'm going to show you how to organize your tools, even if you have a tiny shed like mine.

Shed organization

1. Frequently accessed items

One of the keys to organizing any space is to make your items easily accessible. Anything you need to access frequently should be placed within easy reach, at eye level.

Make sure these items are visible without anything in the way.

Shed organization

2. Moderately and rarely accessed items

Anything you access moderately can be placed just above and just below eye-level. Place rarely accessed items above and below moderately used items.

This is a great organizing system because it makes it intuitive and simple to find what you need when you need it.

Shed organization

3. Lighter tools

Lighter tools can be placed on a pegboard. The best thing about the classic pegboard is that they are very inexpensive to set up. They’re also great because they're so versatile.

Shed organization

4. Label

You can label locations for tools you use a lot. Labels will help you get organized after each project. Clean-up is easy when you know where things go.

Shed organization

5. Toolbox

Little toolboxes are your best friend for items that can not be stored on a pegboard and have several parts that you may need to tote.

My shed gets extremely dusty, so we don't need any pretty or fancy organizing solutions here. I use these Dollar Tree bins. They are perfect for keeping dust off of all of the little things like different adhesives, batteries, and light bulbs. I keep out cables, protective gear, and hardware down below everything else.

Shed organization tips

I hope my shed organization ideas inspire you to get your tool shed in order. What home projects are you tackling this fall? Share in the comments below.

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