How a Renter Gave Her DIY Studio Apartment Some Personality

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Wanting to be surrounded by all the things she loves, Imani Keal transformed a 490 sq ft studio apartment in Washington DC into a moody space that’s noticeably unique.

Everywhere you look in this recently completed DIY studio apartment project, there’s an eclectic mix of colors, textures, and patterns. And, strangely enough, many of them compete against each other—but it totally works!

Painting apartment walls

While most studio apartments for rent in Washington DC are small, expensive, and quite drab, Imani’s reimagined space is both layered and chic. In fact, her DIY studio apartment decorating skills are brag-worthy to say the least.

Located in the heart of Glover Park, studio apartments in Washington DC like this one are surrounded by grocery stores, bars, and vintage shops. So, Imani can easily walk to any of these establishments within a matter of minutes.

But besides having such a convenient location, what’s most remarkable about her home is the DIY studio apartment decor she curated over time.

Not worried about losing her security deposit in the future, Imani set out to find wallpaper, paint, textiles, and furniture that worked for her—not her landlord. However, she did ask permission before beginning any of her larger projects in an effort to be respectful.

As you wander in, you’re met with hand-painted dalmatian spots, dark accent walls, toile curtains, and zebra wallpaper. Moreover, her furniture runs the gamut from Ikea to French provisional antiques. And many of her art pieces were custom-made for this space.

Even the closet in this DIY studio apartment has its own featured wallpaper.

In total, there’s not a single inch of Imani’s home that wasn’t well thought out. She lovingly designed every surface with intention and creativity. And it’s that attention to detail that made her DIY studio apartment project such a huge success.

DIY studio apartment

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